Age of Empires: the Board Game - I need your help!

Greetings fans of Age games!

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I am Vincent, RTS & tactical bord games player & AoE early fan.

I started a side project to create an original board game for Age of Empires license, inspired by the historical mechanics of the games.
I got a few ideas already on the general game design but what I would like is to get inspiration from the greatest players & fans of the video games.

I plan to post here every month regular updates on the project, visuals and links to download, print and play test at home :slight_smile:
Disclaimer: it is a fan initiative and I do not intend to sell anything under the AoE brand by myself.

I played Age of Discoveries once but didn’t like it. I wish we could create something really close to the feeling of a Classic Random play in AoE, 2-4 players with resources, armies & constructions.
I think it would be easier to theme it around AoE 2&4 lores but open to all suggestions!

My first questions for you are:

  1. What are your favourite board & card games?
  2. Which video-games mechanics do you think could be translated in the board games easily and how?
  3. Can you think of other board games mechanics you like and would love to see adapted in an AoE game? (Eg. Catan, 7 wonders, Risk, etc…)

Thank you for your help!