Age of Empires: The Forgotten Installation Experience

Happy Wololo,

While we will use Microsoft Store to install the new release, it will never have the installation experience like when we have the CD and wait for its loading (hearing the noice from rotation of CD-ROM motor, watching the progress bar to show the slowness of hard disk writing those game data files).

While we are waiting for the release of the AoE:DE, why not watch the old-but-really-nice installation “progress bar” from the classic installer?

Therefore, I have recorded 3 videos, 2 are the installation experience (from CD), and 1 is for manually update the game and sneak peek the Help file installed with the game.

YouTube playlist
(I narrated in Cantonese, so bear with me if you don’t know what I am talking >:) )

How do you shot the video?

! The videos are shot in VM Windows 98 running on not-too-fast hard disk, so that you can watch how nice the installer they have made back in late 90’s.


! The background music for the Updates and Help is called Gray Sky, the last in-game music on original AoE CD (not the expansion). What makes it more remarkable is the start of the music is exactly the melody of all the main theme you can find starting from AoE2 and onward. AoE:DE has included the remake of this music (called Gray Skies), which you can listen to when you click on the Credit button on main menu.

Back then, we got nice little pictures. Now, it’s mostly advertising even for non-related items!