Age of Empires with Company of Heroes

Today, I suddenly realized a phenomenon: China is a market with very little creativity. Tencent, China’s largest gaming company, has not been able to develop an innovative game but instead has produced numerous imitations.

I’m very grateful that World’s Edge was able to develop Age of Empires IV. I appreciate this company because it’s highly unlikely for such a game to have a sequel in China.

So, my question now is, is there an Age of Empires V in the works? Age of Empires IV has been released for almost two years. I hope the update frequency for Age of Empires will be similar to that of Company of Heroes, and I hope it will progress alongside it.

I always feel that Microsoft’s decision to hand over Age of Empires4 to Relic is preparing for Age of Empires5. I guess Age of Empires5 is probably between World War I and Modern Warfare, and Relic is already very experienced in developing modern war themed games.

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Relic did lay of a lot of employees so I don’t think they can do a second game besides AoE4.


No, i don’t think so. I suppose AOE5 Will cover ancient Times because there’s not a modern historical RTS set in that period.

AOM Retold Is a spin-off


According to some players who have unreasonable expectations for current RTS games, I believe that less than a month after AOE5 comes out, some players will say on the forum “I don’t know when AOE6 will be released.”

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There’s a 6 year difference between the release of Age of Empires II and III, and then 17 between Age of Empires 3 and IV.

What makes you think they’d be making the sequel 2 years in?


There Will be a new AOE but i think we should wait until 2026

Well, AoM came between AoE 2 and 3 and AoE 3 uses a modified version of the Myth engine. So that’s 3 years between 2 and Myth and another 3 between Myth and AoE 3.

with all respect to the good people at relic, I feel that the essence engine is not a great fit for the game. the unit response, smoothness of play, and hotkeys are holding the game back in my eyes and curtailing my enjoyment of it. At least to my undereducated understanding, these problems are caused by the engine.


I really don’t want a new game every few years. I’d rather they just keep supporting, improving, and expanding the existing ones.


We won’t see AOE5 for five or ten years, if ever.

World War and MW games are better in 1st-person or 3rd person, not from an RTS camera view.
And if you look at the player base of such an RTS game, it is not large.
Only a minority of people play such games.
I think they will go back to the Ancient era.
They need a break from the Medieval era.
Ancient Era players are massive and people love it and the market lacks this kind of AOE.
AOEIIDE’s Rome DLC was simply basic and a lot different from AOE1DE.
People want a new one now.
With a variety of units and civs.

If they make MW or world war AOE game, it will fail hard.
Trust me, it is not an AOE game.
AOE game focuses melee combat a lot.


Why not make Rise of Nations 2? It does cover the timeline.

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The quality of Company of heroes went down because of frequency in game releases… If AOE follows same path then we will see fans not actually interested in newer titles

We can expect Age of Mythology 2 & 3 in next few years … Or Star wars Galactic Battleground 2 or Age of Dunes or something

But AOE should take time releasing new games and focus more on existing game like AOE 2 ,3 and 4

When 2026 arrives, technology in our world has advanced significantly. If there are still no new releases by 2030, the predominant gaming experience is likely to be non-invasive brain-machine interface games. I imagine that by then, I won’t have the desire to play Age of Empires anymore.

When brain-machine interface games become widespread, I believe that all the current games will likely lose their ability to excite.

You for sure cannot expect Galactic Battlegrounds to ever be a thing again. Disney owns the IP now. A Dune AoE game is also very, very unlikely.

There also hasn’t even been a hint of AoM 2, much less a 3 ever happening. Just AoMR which we don’t really know what that is exactly yet. It could just be the “DE” of AoM or it could be something sufficient to render an AoM2 pointless for a long time to come.

Ha. In less than 7 years? Meaning they have maybe half that to start developing those supposed brain interface games that are at a level to surpass the games we play now…

There’s afaik an unannounced Star Wars RTS in the making. Could be Galactic Battlegrounds DE since Disney refounded LucasArts.

We actually know that Retold is the DE of Age of Mythology :slight_smile: Adam Isgreen talked about it last year in the Xbox Podcast as it’ll use the 3 DE Engine and they’ll probably also do some adjustments for custom games such as reusable God Powers.


I used to think the same way, and it does seem like they currently have that trend. I believe developing modern warfare-themed games in the style of the Age of Empires would be very interesting. I think they might be making Age of Empires 4 because they want to create a game in the style of the Age of Empires series, like a “Company of Heroes” in that style. We can all imagine what it would be like when Company of Heroes and Age of Empires hybridize. It’s also strange why Microsoft hasn’t acquired Company of Heroes.

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I’ve always wondered whether the people who make these weird statements that you can’t make RTS games with modern warfare mechanics have ever heard of Command & Conquer.

Like, by all intents and purposes World War RTS games are older than medieval ones, and saying the playerbase is small is being willfully ignorant. . I don’t know why, it’s so bizarre to me, there’s always Age of Empires diehards who pretend these games… don’t exist and can’t exist for some reason.

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