Age of empries III Italy and Malta Guides!

Hey everyone, I wanted to share the first guides for Kings Of The Mediterranean DLC, hope it will help you understand these civs better.

  • Decks:

Land deck

Land deck against rush

Standard water

Water boom


  • Italy

Italy is one of the new civ added with new DLC, a good civ to turtle and defend strategies around lombard, and also a solid pick on water maps, every technology italy researches gives 1 free villager. Standard Steel Traps Opening BO With this build order, Start building a market with your architect immediately after you queue 1 vill put 1 to gather wood crates, directly increase construction speed of your market, you can able to do it by clicking to it while architect builds it. gather or take 50 coin treasure to send hunting dogs faster. After building the market, build an house fast, at that point you want to save 125 wood by chopping it, send a food upgrade first if you don’t find any coin treasure, you never delay your market. basicly send blunderbuss, gang saw, great coat and hunting dogs is asap when you have the 50 coin, after slowly getting to chop 125 wood, send all vills to food and keep sending all upgrades, then sell 100 food to 75 coin twice to get > 125 coin so that you ship steel traps in age1. Age to commerce for 2 outposts 200 coin generally. General build order for Italy will be Advanced politicians / 700 lombard resources with wagon shipment / 1 basilica wagon / 700 coin and age, then you can ship 2 falconet/ 1.500 lombard resources shipment into 1.000 coin or 1.000 wood and then adapt, can ship albanian company to support your push or keep booming even more. you generally want to age for 9 musketeers to get a 2 falconet push tempo in early fortress, Architect With architect you can build anything completely free, so it’s important to use it effective and even speed up the building production, I generally prefer building market>house>lombard>lombard>houses with speed up>raxes>lombard. You can also increase building construction for the lombards later. Also in age1, you can generally afford selling 300 food before hitting to commerce to sell it, which worths very well. Always use your architect to build something regardless

  • Malta

Malta guide with up to date decks are posted in the Age Of Empires III Community Discord, United Empires I hope you enjoy learning new civs.


The Team deck absolutely needs Marco Polo. That card is actually absurd and pays off way faster than the politician card.