Age of Europe 3

Let me sum it up.
There are 8 new civs added in game after DE and we’ll get the whole brand new two this year.
5 are Europeans.
2 are Africans.
2 are America revolution state, but they are the descendants of European.
1 is Native.
You see? More than half new civs are European culture.
While most of the main power in Europe of that time are in game now, what’s next, some blabla Duchies?
Will we get new Aisan civ before Savoy, Kurland or Moldavia?


Cope and Seethenhagen.

Poles and Danes aren’t some duchies, they’re more important than Malta and Italy. Boycotting these civs won’t give you your beloved Asian civs.


No they are not. When it comes to modern development of AoE3, 3 out of 8 civs are European.

United States

And what is wrong with that? Should countries like that be blacklisted, because you’re form Asia and don’t like it?
It’s a business, and they produce things that are interesting to people and sell well.
If you want them to focus on Asia- tell more people in your country/region to buy more copies of AoE3:DE, it might help because developers would be more obliged to serve these people.

Maybe, or maybe not. My crystal ball ran out of battery charge.

I doubt there will be a fully Asian expansion, unless you want to count Persia, which is in the far-western part of it and could be paired with far-eastern Korea.


Yes, Age of Europe and I LOVE it. Admit the fact and enjoy the completion of European content and be thankful that AoE3 is still getting new content. Also remember that this is not likely but 100% the last European DLC since there is nothing else. Devs wont make the Maltese mistake again.

There is only ONE way for Persians, Moroccans or Koreans to appear in this game and it is for this DLC to be SUCCESSFUL. So enough of whining and let it go and support the game.


Danes alone means:

A new revolution for swedes
Inuit minor civ (no longer just Nootka on Alaska)
possibly even a re-examination of naval units.

with Knights of the Mediteranium I wasn’t excited for Italians or Maltese but for the new royal houses, mercenaries and outlaws.

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Agree with OP. It’s a shame. Oceania would seem me to be a way more logical addition than this 2024 DLC. I’ll pass on it. Not going to do the same error than what I did with AOE2 DLCs I was not interested in. I’ve been way to lenient.

You don’t have to go too far, you have Oman to the south…

Yes, let’s try to support all the dlcs, even more so next year, otherwise they will cut the new content…

In my case the historical maps, where we can finally fight in European wars like in the Cossacks saga…

Well, you don’t have to buy it, you can wait for the price to drop or wait for next year’s DLC…

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Let’s just all buy what we personally think is worth buying.
No strategy, no supporting developers nor punishing them.

We are the customers and they have to deliver us something that is worth our money. Simple as that.


Of course, we have to make our money count…simple supply and demand…

“supply” doesn’t really count with digital DLC…

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Cost and demand? (20 characters)

True, you’re right… I was referring to the old physical expansions…

Yes, no more, no less… low demand will lower prices through discounts…

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Dude I’m of Asian descent, and I really want more Asian in this game, but I’m hyped we’re getting Poland, as it, along with Koreans and Hawaiians, is one of the three civs I wanted most to be added.

New content means more stuff, more replayability, etc. Get hyped.


It still does.
Supply not in the number of identical copies being created but supply of different content.
Also supply follows demand (not just the other way round) so if we show demand for a certain DLC (real demand not just shouting loud and then not acting) then they are more likely to make such a DLC.
If we don’t buy a certain DLC (like V&V for AoE2DE) they will think twice before they try the same thing again.

the concept of supply doesn’t impact price, which is what I’m implying. They can’t run out of copies or have too many.

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Il faut quand même dire un truc à propos des DLC, c’est que les produire plus tard que la release demandera un coût, coût de production, coût salariale etc. S’il n’est pas assez vendu cela fera réfléchir certains.

Après dans mon cas je suis plutôt satisfait qu’il sortent enfin un dlc de civs même si c’est en fin d’année, car je trouve dommage que l’année dernière il n’y en a pas eu de dlc sur des civs.

You can return the investment you made in developing the DLC or you can’t.
Or the lost opportunity cost of making something better instead.

thats… that’s not what supply means.

Bravo :clap: (20 characters)

If I remember correctly, a good number of current developers were part of the MOD, Napoleonic era, I wouldn’t be surprised if they say that this is the last DLC.

I could be wrong, but I find it very strange that the developers casually put civilizations and units that appear in this mod, above more popular requests. For example, Persia and Brazil, which are two civilizations in high demand.

Also, which civilizations seem to have the most effort, those that appear in this mod, or the others. Let’s compare the Incas with the Swedes, the United States with Mexico, the African DLC with the European.

I want to believe this is just a coincidence, but I’m finding it hard not to see a pattern. :pensive: