Age of Mythology 2 - Creative Assembly

First of all, I don’t have anything against Relic, I love Age IV. But in my opinion, there is a lot of stuff and details missing in Age IV that Relic didn’t put into the game, like physics for example, even in Age III soldiers fly away with cannons better than in Age IV, not to mention those automated siege weapons, or how they just explode when you destroy them.

To think who should develop our beloved sequel (if it ever happens), in my opinion, Creative Assembly is the best candidate ever. They are veterans in the RTS genre and I love how they’ve made Halo Wars 2 for example. Even though it’s a different kind of RTS (consider that building construction is based in Halo Wars made by Ensemble Studios), I love the number of details they’ve put in it. Like when you produce soldiers how they land on the roof of the building and then they go outside from the main door or how other units are produced.
If Age IV were developed by C.A, I’m godamn sure that now we could have operated siege weapons, better physics destruction, weather, better units & building scale, and effects overall.

Age of Mythology 2 needs to be developed by other company than Relic or the other ones at World’s Edge.

Here is some gameplay of Halo Wars 2 in case you never saw it before. For a game released in early 2017 looks pretty good.

Age of Empires 4 is a success. Ratings are good enough, the playerbase is huge. It’s the 24th most played game on Steam actually:
Microsoft is not going to hire another studio and take a risk.

What about Frost Giant Studios?
They are comprised of ex Blizzard workers who specialized in the RTS-genre.

For now because it’s the first month, but honestly, I don’t think that it will keep going like that much longer. Check stats again in February and you will see how it decays. However, it may have a rise when map editor be released.

I love Age IV, the gameplay and how it looks, but there are sooo many things missing that for a 2021 AAA game. So much details like rams exploding when destroyed, come on man even in Age II they stay on the ground when destroyed, they don’t just blow up like if you threw a granade on them.

I’ve got to say, it’s neat seeing Halo Wars 2 being referenced positively for a change, even if it’s used to attack Relic at the same time.

Age of Mythology, if it ever gets a sequel, will have the same problem AoE has. The existing title is very old, it has people that like it exactly as-is, and getting a sequel right without 100% remaking the original game is going to be a very difficult task. For one person who likes something like Halo Wars, another AoM fan is going to laugh at Halo Wars (for example).

RTS genre is diverse, and i’m not saying that AoM should be like HW2, I usted it as example because it’s 5 years older than Age IV and yet has more attention on details.

It pains me to see how bugged it looks the animation of archers geting on the walls. Looks like the parkour meme, they suddenly appear on top lol. Even a 2006 game like Battle for Middle Earth has better animations for that. And Age IV is plenty of those bad details that give immersion into the game, really a pitty and a shame for a game that it’s supposed to be AAA and 60 dollars worthy.

I’m just saying that Creative Assembly can do it better. They have the experience on RTS games (not just Total War Saga) and the vision for it.

I put all my coins on them.