Age of Mythology 2 is a MUST!

Age of Mythology is my all time Favorite Age game(very close between Age 2 and Mythology sometimes Im not sure) I love Age 2 of course and played it nonstop but I think AoM was my best game because I think it truly clicked with me and I went from casual to pretty competitive and was able to get into the top 100 also the game just worked well with my imagination and I frequently came up with unique builds and strategies that no one else Used I loved the game and It would be simply Amazing to see a Sequel to this game with Modern technologies and the amazing things that can be done Now this would no doubt Be the Best and Most Unique RTS game every seen!

I think the Timing couldnt be more perfect too, with Relic Developing Age4, I think it is a No Brainer to have Relic Follow Up with Age4 and also be the Main team on Age Of Mythology 2.

  • If you Look at Relics Warhammer games I think it is quite Obvious that Relic is the best Choice to head AOM 2 as well The Two games are very Similiar in the Area of Units imo. The Awsome Bigger and Fancier Units in the Dawn of War games being akin to the Myth Units of AOM. The Epic awsome animation of Sync-Kills from DOW1 would be perfect for myth units in AOM2

  • Also as far as EPIC Presentation and Immersion in RTS games No one can compare to Relic Imagine how insane they Could make the Graphics and Animations for AOM2 Also they are the best at giving units character and dynamic speech and stuff.

For me the thought of Relic Developing AOM 2 Seems like a dream come true.

As far as gameplay Goes I would really Like to see a Hybrid System Between Relic Point capture economy and the Age Series Villager system. I like the Idea of Villagers in the game mainly for the purpose of creating opportunities to Hurt your opponents economy and for Giving Ideal Targets for your Calvalry raids etc. But I would like to see a bit less villagers and more Focus on tactics and Military micro akin to COH. So Maybe a Seperate pop cap 1 for villagers maybe at 50, and then Your militart Pop. Now having such a low villager count wont be a problem in AOM2 Economy because as In Company of Heroes you will also supplement you economy by actually capturing and Controlling Map the High Fuel points of COH could Be akin to High Favor Points in AOM 2. The Reason I want this also is because for me Relic Revolutionized RTS in the Fact that in COH games the Map is so critical and all areas of the map are contested becuase they are all valuable and also the Strategic Play of Garrisons and Cover make maps in COH so important and make everything you do movement wise important too. After Playing Company of Heroes games like starcraft and warcraft and even AGE games(much less so though because of random maps) the maps just felt so empty and bland and pointless even besides the rare choke points, I could never go back to playing that after the importants of the maps of Coh. I realize a cover system would be a lot harder with say an age of empires style gamee and completely individual units but on the other Hand maybe AoM2 Could be Squad based like COH and your myth units and Heroes units would be your only individuals … I dont know but I really want to see a hybrid melding of the best of both Worlds of Age and Company of Heroes and what better company to do it and Bring us into the next Era of True RTS Innavation other than Relic backed by Microsoft and I can’t Think of a more Perfect game either to be the one to merge both styles of RTS.

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