Woohoo folks!

We made it!!! they just announced AOMDE!!!

“Bringing the Definitive Edition treatment to Age of Mythology, the game will feature beautiful graphics, updated gameplay and more. Stay tuned…”


WOOHOOO :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: about time



I hope it doesn’t cost as much on release as AoE4

I wanted to get that on Steam but it’s never on a good discount

if they put the hotkeys of aoe4 it will be great, not necessarily that they are completely reassignable, with the version of the first season I am satisfied

Even AOE 3, which was more expensive than Myth, got a 20 dollars Definitive Edition, so I guess it’s going to be a patern to all DE


I hope we will get the celts as a new civilization !


My hopes are for either West African (e.g. Yoruba or Vodun pantheons), Mesopotamian, or Mesoamerican (e.g. Aztec or Maya) being added as new cultures.


I don’t have much money too but if this DE will be a great one with good and greatly improved changes and looks i will pay even fullprice I mean how else can we show the devs that we really wanted a new AoM and want more of this in the near future?

Any ideas why it is called retold and not definitive edition?

I hope that Mesoamerican, Hindu, Shinto and Babylonian mythologies will be brought in because they are really missing.
All 4 are pretty complex and they have a lot of gods and monsters to choose from.

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I only have one question: WHEN.

A year? Two years? Four years?

We don’t know yet but my wild guess would be within a year time from now.

I hope Mayas and Incas get included in the game!


I feel like I should be more excited over this than I am. I just don’t trust World’s Edge.

I truly wanna work on Turkish localization. I already have the only localization pack on Steam. Hope devs can give me a chance.

Let’s hope they give us more information soon, we have literally no idea how this is going to be and what Retold means compared to DE.

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Let’s just hope Arkantos is still in the game as the main protagonist