Age of Mythology Definitive Edition. What do you expect?

Age of Mythology Definitive Edition. What do you expect?
  • Quality level - AOE1 DE
  • Quality level - AOE2 DE
  • Quality level - AOE3 DE
  • Quality level - Tale of the Dragon

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Quality level of AoE3 DE because it uses the same engine.
I’m also not sure what you mean with which quality level.
Is AoE1DE worse or better than Tale of the Dragon?
Also Tale of the Dragon is an Expansion that didn’t update the old content.

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Age of Empires 1 and 2 also have the same engine:

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They made the mistake to remaster AoE1 in the old Engine.

AoM has a less broken Engine than AoE1, even AoE2, so it should be less of an Issue.
I don’t know how hard it would be to port it to the AoE3(DE) engine or if they’re even that different.
AoE1/2 have to problem of having an old hacky 2D engine that is hard to work with while AoM and AoE3 where build on a more modern 3D engine.

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No, the AOM engine isn’t really good. Units stuck in buildings, gold mines, they walk off from the map, walk through walls. In AOE2 and AOE3 they never do these things. It was acceptable in 2002, but now… AOM is full of bugs, legacy bugs from the original game. EE has even more bugs. It’s not an accident that AOE2 always had larger playerbase. AOE2 has an improved version of Genie engine and AOE3 has an improved version of Bang engine.

AoE3DE had a lot of units stuck in things when it was released. Still happened sometimes. Not as bad as AoE1DE where units just stuck in nothing.

I wonder how easy it would be to just use the AoE3DE engine for AoMDE.
They should have done the same for AoE1DE but AoE1DE was released before AOE2DE. Now AoE3DE is already out and they can use the engine and the experience they had making the game.

Never seen those things in AoM…

Now you can see those things:

Worse, in every possible way.

Honestly AoE1 just kinda… sucks. It’s not aged well.


I think if MS wants to make a really good DE of AoM then they can do it. Don’t see why not. Base game is really good and fun, yes there are occasional bugs and quirks, but given how they’ve managed to fix a bunch of bugs in AoE2, it shouldn’t be impossible to do it with AoM.

What I would like to see is Hua Mulan, and Zhou Tong and some other heroes whit the Chinese faction, And a hole Celtic culture.

I would like to see the Chinese Immortals being more than just generic heroes and each immortal being a fully unique hero with different abilities, then each major god or minor god giving access to a different immortal that complements their play style.

I really agree to this, excellent idea. Some may give military, technology or economy bonus.