Age of Mythology (Relic)

AOE4 Need some serious tweaks and fix (aswell as some addition like editor, color choices and map reveal when a match is over)
But I have to give credits for the good physics and nice looking graphics this game has.

Now, if they make an Age of Mythology, i’m sure it will be a very good idea. Hope in the future Relic gives a Thought about it.

What do You think?

Hopefully it is forgotten empires team that do AOM DE or AOM 2, AOE 4 is ded already, desaster. Relic can stick with AOE 4. The age of empires series ended with AOE 2.

Relic should make the new games and leave the remakes to FE team.

Good physics…?
Cannonball hits a bunch of people - they all fell to their knees.
Siege engines got burnt by torches - poof and disappeared.

AOM (2003) had units knocked into the air. Imagine that.

okay and why do certain streamers like grubby have thousands of viewers when i looked last time just a few weeks ago? i really like how some ppl call games immediately “dead” when they don’t deliver what they want/hoped for - and trust me i do hoped for many things the past years to happen and they didn’t come.

about the topic: i honestly hope someone cared the past years for AOM and secretly developed on it. i would be very pissed and sad to see 2022 going by without anything regarding AOM - and i don’t care if its a DE, AOM2 if its from forgotten empires of relic. just do it and it will be 100% better than all recent EA and Blizzard games and also a thousand times better than this aweful chinese add-on for AOM.

Relic should stick with her awful game and not mess with any other game of the franchise. Forgotten Empires could work together with another studio and then redeem themselves from the Chinese lazy work

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