Age of Mythology Retold - Controller support for PC? Steam Deck support?

Hello!! First off, I’m happy to see Age of Mythology just months away from release, and from the developer interviews, its being positioned as the most “accessible” Age game yet.

In that sense, considering the game will also be coming to consoles via Xbox, I was wondering if Age of Mythology Retold will FINALLY enable controller support for an Age game on PC and not just keep that stuck to Xbox consoles?

I know there are people who might dismiss this and just say “why not use a mouse and keyboard on PC? its better!” but my point is, I wanted to be able to play the game with a controller, because I am thinking of playing the game on a Steam Deck. I’ve always dreamed of playing a legit Age of Empires game at the comfort of my bed on a handheld console. And considering the push for the game to be accessible, I wondered if this is something they can add as well? Maybe even as a future update or patch?

Anyway, that’s all. Thank you very much and looking forward to getting the game at launch!!


I agree that if they design controller inputs they should also let us use them on PC, even if it’s less efficient.

It would be nice if it would allow mixed input so you can use a touchscreen on a device like a stream deck too.

The handheld PC marked is growing a lot recently so that would be something worth supporting.


Thank you for your support!! Glad to see I’m not alone in wanting this feature as well!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

That said, yes, the handheld PC gaming market is steadily getting more popular and among the Age games, I think AoMR would have the best chance at working best on a handheld PC console.

I personally am happy with how AoM is being reworked and remade to be the most accessible Age game yet, making it the perfect gateway game for casuals to get hooked to RTS gaming in general. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I hope for it, too. I play sometimes for fun AoE2 and AoM EE on my Steamdeck and support for controllers on PC would be great for that.
Steam allready does with his controll layouts so much, but direct support would be just the best. Fun Fact, because the steamdeck can simulate inputs you allready can play with the touchscreen.

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This website said AoM Retold will support controller Age of Mythology: Retold will have controller support on PC | Digital Trends . I hope so