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Ok. After some playtest I must admit that I’m pretty gag. This mod is amazing!
You have some cool and fresh mechanics that fit perfect in AOM.
I love that myth creature who eats people, and that fire serpent animation. Beatifull!
My only ‘complain’ is that I find favor gaining very slow, the capture rate of soldiers seams very low, and buying people to sacrifice consumes a lot o gold so I don’t use that gorgeous myth creatures as much as I like it.
If some AOM DE is on the way, devs please consider include this nice mod.
And you telling me it’s only a beta?

PD: Really love you found a way to include new civs without replacing old ones, that opens a window…


Thanks for your response. Yes, it’s only a beta; this is a legit expansion, we are going to finish the god powers, continue balancing, and provide a wonderful campaign. Please leave any suggestions (like the one you mentioned) in the ROTG English discord under general discussion. Links at the bottom of the vid description.

I like the mechanics but not the civilization. We could recycle this mod for an improved chinese civilization focused on northern myths. Or new indian civilization. I can see sacrificing units for kali or other gods.

To each their own. The creative directors are from Mexico and committed to doing Central and South American pantheons. Hopefully you will enjoy one of their future civs. I actually made a concept video on Hindu the favor system is different.


I like this mod, although I haven’t played it a ton yet. I would say that I think the sacrifice mechanic is, while fairly historically accurate, a bit over the top. Is the heartbeat audio really necessary? Just bring the captives to the temple and call it a day.

There are two archetipes they could explore: Celtic Lore (Fairy, druids and elves) and Avalon Lore (king arthur, knights, dragons, grifons)


i think splitting all lores up would be a bit too complicated and would end up in too many civs. why not put most interesting units together? like putting dragons into celtic maybe? griffons would be damn nice to see and they are based in many cultures as far as i know.

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hey ajardoughnut i tried out the mod and every god. i am not a numbers guy but i would like to give my feedback on the personal feeling of the gods, units (i would avoid to refer to their names cause they are damn hard to remember all :smiley: ) is here the place to do this or how can i reach out to the devs?

in advance: i really like the general idea and overall mechanics. but i discovered a few bugs (towncenters, unit hitbox etc) and how some units and gods feel stronger than others (i also would like to ask about certain design decisions cause for example i really much like the design of the myth units of the heroic age death god, but the stone throwing giant feels a bit off in my personal opinion (despite him being quite usefull).

looking forward to your response!

Celts around that time period were not really known as Picts nor Celts yet. Same with the other, that’s jumping to from ancient all the way to medieval time periods. A norse spinoff with different units would more accurately represent what we can reconstruct of the tribes that Celts descended from, during the same period as Ancient Egypt/Greece/Norse. There are plenty of other generic ancient civs like India(Shivas, unique units and a whole pantheon), Sumeria(can get creative with that, with witchcraft, deities that predate even Ancient Greece, etc), Persian(which is similar or came just after Sumeria).

As for dragons, griffons, other than China, maybe you could find or entirely make up some ancient civ. I could imagine sort of fishermen/euro tribe for the celts where they had such creatures around to tame, but it’d need a lot of incorporating nearby cultures and exaggerating, may not be worth it when there’s other broad cultures to do; any folklore usually involve such myth units being their enemy or being sleigh by ‘heroes’, rather than incorporated in the culture. Norse basically encompasses some of the tribes that would predate, or actually migrated and became what was known as Celts later; the only difference being local gods and traditions becoming different over time.

Even expanding on the Mayans (stone tiki myth unit would be funny, and just include all of the more South American islands, and cultures, Amazonian subgod, etc), Aztecs(sort of like this mod), and perhaps even early known tribes that were more nomadic in North America (like a cav/buffalo/skinwalker civ), makes more sense imo; it allows a lot more creativity and less time double checking for historical accuracy.

I am one of the devs. This isn’t the place to reach out to us, you should leave a comment on the RotG English discord (the link is in the mod description). We are a small team, feel free to leave some useful feedback but keep that in mind.

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oh don’t worry i am not a harsh guy who critizise all over the place (i mean i am not even a modder cause i am too impatient etc for stuff like programming and scripting ^^)

so i wanted to join your english discord via the link provided on steam but it seems to not work. any idea why? tried it two times. and i get a link to discord but don’t see anything not even your server.


link should work, lmk if still doesn’t. ty.

hey sry just you posted a link here. i tried to clink on th elink but it doesn’t work and when i copy it, it still shows me no discord server.

either i do something wrong, all those links are limited or something went wrong on your end. i don’t know. really strange… sad i just wanted to tell you my personal feedback and tell you a few bugs i found (nothing too serious don’t worry)

Edit: I think I found the issue I think it’s a problem with my VPN anti virus. Will check it later. Still thanks for providing us with a new link

EDIT: deactivated VPN still no connection to a server via provided links. don’t work when i click on them either. sorry.

other people have not had issue getting in, I would just go to steam and click the discord link in the mod description…

Oh hey ajar I thought this was over cause t seemed you had no clue why it doesn’t work and me obviously neither. I will try to look into it again. On the other hand I assume many others gave you input/feedback and bug reports already. But thanks for the response i already assumed the issue on my side.