Age of Mythology β€” Update 2.8 Preview [Official Discussion]

I noticed other issues:

At the end of the match, the Score & Timeline menu shows all the background SFX on the map. Fire sfx and the frost effects are all visible, despite the blackened screen.

The other issue I noticed is related to the villagers, when a resource is completely exploited, the villager numbers double in the stats double up for a short amount of time.

There is another minor path finding issue with the villagers and the Ox carts. When a group of villager completely deforest a forest, or completely, mine the gold mine, they walk towards the Town center, instead of the nearest Ox cart.

Other than that I really wish to repeat what I mentioned in the previous post. It would be nice to change some of the constants. The hardcoded 300 pop cap limit, feels a bit restrictive for modern computers. Terrain Height limits are also a bit restrictive. Now that we can move the camera further than before, it would be nice to create taller cliffs.

And as modder, I would really love to see the Steam Workshop filesize limit increased for Age Of Mythology Extended Edition. The current limit of 100mb, feels very restrictive for content creators, even smaller texture mods, sometimes go easily above that limit. Most of the games on Steam usually don’t have that limit.