Age of Noob, Asmongold, And Youtube Being Completely Backwards, A Story

Hi all,

As you may or may not know, the AoE2/AoE4 creator Age of Noob has recently been demonetized for the crime of “recycling/stealing content”. Ironically, it’s hit his channel a few weeks after Asmongold did a reaction video on AoN’s The Making of AoEII. AoN documents part of his attempts at clearing his channel’s name and getting back on Youtube’s monetization program here.

This might be one of the most backwards, stupid, clickbait peddler worshipping things I’ve seen in my life. I’m not trying to single out Asmongold (and it’s really hard to not replace gold with soy or bald every time I type his name out), but maaaan. Youtube is outright destroying authentic creatorship while tonguing the behinds of trendy but pointless creators because they’re larger.

I don’t want to start brigading against Asmon, or other low-value-but-highly-viewed youtubers, but I do encourage people to avoid watching or positively engaging with reaction videos, especially reaction videos of content produced by other youtubers.

AoN was one of the better, more informative AoE2 creators, while most of them are basically the equivalent of Asmongold or SSSniperwolf for AoE2, so it’s a huge shame. I may end up starting a petition to help get this ruling overturned. That is, if a petition will actually make a difference.

Ardy out.


If this is true, that is so messed up. Hope Noob gets his channel back to normal.


It’s true, as much as I wish it wasn’t

Problem is youtube has no incentive to do any of this stuff correctly. They mostly hit smaller channels, and the humans who are reviewing I’m sure aren’t paid based on the accuracy of their decisions, but per hour.

So YT can tell a small creator to get bent and we can all pound sand about it.

In his video he mentioned having some contact at Microsoft that’s reaching out to YT for him. That might legitimately help.

Also yeah, reaction channels. You saying “woah” 14 times and having a shocked expression on your face three times while you play someone else’s content is not new transformative content.


EXACTLY! Yet it’s the entirety of the “value” people like SSSWolf, Asmongold, Mizkif, etc bring to the web LMAO

One rule for the Night Media clickbait content “creators”, another for actual gamer creators.

Just saw his video. What a bummer, man. He has great AoE2 content, and it was different from most other creators.

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YouTube in general seems to have huge problems. I remember reading cases about creators who got in trouble because their videos were falsely claimed by other creators.


Shame hopefully he gets things straightened out. I saw a few of his videos not my favorite but he seemed to put time to research stuff not just some idiot who yammers like someone stated above sssniperwolf type channels.
At least we have Spirit of The Law and T90 I’m not much of an AoE 2 player but I liked those two guys.

They should make it so that people or companies who falsely claim YouTubers face the full brunt of the consequences that their false claim would cause the other party.


we can all agree this whole situation is an absolute mess, i wish @AgeofNoob3936 all luck for this to be reverted back to normal, having your passion hobby hit like this is the worst
unfortunately tho, this is widespread with small channels, youtube has some serious things to fix up


You ever notice that Spirit of the Law sounds like Ryan Reynolds?

like ryan reynolds with slight bass boost :laughing:

…I don’t get why you are angry at Asmongold for this though? How is it his fault if Youtube algorithms are crap? If anything it would have been a big boost in viewership for Age of Noob, if it wasn’t for YT dumb automated stuff.

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Not only that they’ve been having difficulty getting animal abuse videos channels off their platform despite it being against their tos. I can’t tell you how many bizzare channels involving the abuse of exotic pets are not only left alone but monetized despite constant flagging, and when they do actually get suspended they just make another channel with no change and somehow youtube is slow again in suspending them.

You and others mistake me for being most angry with Asmongold, when I’m just pissed off about youtube letting AoN go on for so long thinking he was fine with 4K remasters of gaming documentaries and cutscenes, then pulling the rug from under him and giving him no way of rectifying things that will restore monetizability to the content on his channel that is his own.

Do you not think I might be aware of the flow on viewership AoN gets from Asmon? It doesn’t mean I have to like the content of some overpromoted WoW streamer

sadly this kinda of stuff has been happening for a while on ytube and twitch. Frankly if you wanted to compare to real life politics, they are acting like America on the world stage. They basically have a monopoly on these type of content, what everyone needs is more competitors to make them actually care.

I don’t know what Ryan Reynolds sounds like but that is funny

I would love for this to happen. But big corporations ultimately only care about their profits. And the legal costs associated with such a thing would be massive. They won’t ever care unless there is money in it. The only chance we all have is if a competitor were to exist. Look at twitch, kick came up and twitch immediately started to become more customer-friendly.