Age of Noob - Please, reconsider the partners program

Just want to bring this up. This is one amazing content creator and I believe he deserves some recognition for the work and the support he has given AoE community over a long period.

His subscribers count might not be that big, but I am confident that his community is much more engaged with the franchise itself than many other creators.

Is it possible for us, community, to have an actual response from the partners program responsible or the motivation of the decision? I feel a big loss by losing him as a content creator.


I agree.

Intimidation, kicking out over criticism, is such a mafia behavior, and I hope Forgotten Empires is ashamed of this. The world is not China. Freedom of speech is a human right.

Age of Noob have built always so much for the community, he carried a lot of Aoe4 when the game was doing awful, and did also great for aoe2.

This is disrespectful to him.

Maybe if Timi dreamt of not having negatives reviews on Age of Empires Mobile, they shouldn’t have build such a dark pattern, deceptive and casino gacha game in a first place :).

We had fun Age of Empires games on Nintendo DS.

This is again a game built for the Chinese market, that has been let into generic and boring chinese game designers.

Bonus : also please make Timi stop posting chat gpt posts on “how the age of empires mobile game is awesome” on reddit communities. The game sucks.


FE has nothing to do with this.


He is great, with a refreshing style/approach to his videos you don’t see very much. (Granted, I’ve only seen a few, but still)

What would you expect the partners program to say, though? Detailed thoughts on why they severed relations? I highly doubt they would publicize anything more than a cordial, form-letter type of response saying they ‘had to make the difficult decision to sever ties and they wish him the best.’ Which we can easily make words up for ourselves. I highly doubt they’d say anything detailed or personal which his community would just pick apart every word and sentence of and be upset about all words, trying to dismantle the decision.

I don’t know how the partner program works or who technically owns it… I didn’t even know it existed… but on his channel he already posted a video like 3 months ago titled, “Moving On.”, basically saying that he had grown tired doing AoE videos. Too much work to do them, and they’d sometimes get outdated as soon as a patch came out, and so on. Watch full vid if you want his full explanation.

He briefly talked about his new channel called “GameNoob” in that video, too, which sounds more like his future desires.

And if you’re wanting him to be re-added into the partner program, what good would that do when he’s already admitted he’s ‘moving on’ for various reasons?

Age of Noob is awesome. He and Spirit of the Law are my two favorite AOE content providers.


Sorry, but please dont accuse people of something, who are not involved at the slightest.
Forgotten Empires has nothing to do with this.


DrMaxy4142, This is one of the reasons I would like to read from developers / publishers about the topic. It is not clear.

It is very much clear, because FE is a developing studio.
They are hired by WE / microsoft. Same is Tantalus and Wicked Witch.

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Some clarity on the companies involved with the franchise, since there seems to be some confusion.

Microsoft is the big business daddy. They own the IP and are ultimately responsible for everything to do with the franchise.

Microsoft formed a subsidiary business called “World’s Edge”. They are responsible for the normal management of the franchise.

AoE2 DE and AoE3 DE are developed by Forgotten Empires. AoM: Retold is also being developed by FE. FE also has some involvement with AoE4, though it’s not entirely clear what they do there.

Relic are the primary developers of AoE4.

Age of Empires Mobile is being developed by TiMi, a subsidiary of Tencent. TiMi also developed “Age of Empires: Return to Empire”, an authorised mobile game aimed mostly at the Chinese market back in 2022.

Skybox is a company that has nothing to do with the franchise today, but they were involved with the HD and EE editions of AoE2 and AoM, respectively.

So if you have a problem with something in connection with Age of Empires Mobile, the people to blame are TiMi, World’s Edge, and Microsoft.

Noob being kicked out of the partner program was done by World’s Edge & Microsoft.


Cysion (the studio’s lead), wrote a while ago that they made the Art of War missions and in the game’s credits they appear under additional balance. They also specifically looked for level designers for AoE 4 a while ago, so I guess all missions of Sultans Ascend were also done by them.

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I guess it wouldn’t be right for me to boycott AoE2 DLC, essentially punishing Forgotten Empires for something they weren’t involved in.