Age of Noob's 'The 24 Visual Problems in Age of Empires IV' video

Its a great video. But also, apart from the now fixed zoom, as he also mentioned, its rather annyoing stuff, but nothing that HAS to be changed (although I am sure a lot of it will b e either changed r made changeable by settings)

This channel has some of the worst analysis, if you can call it that. No thanks!

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Oh, i see. Thank you for your response.

What points brought up in that video are wrong? Care to explain?
It’s easy to come and say ‘oh it’s all bad’.

What do you even mean ‘if you can call it that’. He does not express himself in general terms, but talks about specific details. Do YOU have anything to say about menioned issues in that video? Blood, arrow decay, projectile trajectory etc?

Found him on YT some time ago. Never saw him mentioned in threads I’ve read here.

Age of Noob has so much free time

He goes by @Oestrichh here in the forums.
Sorry for outing you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the zoom issue was under NDA so far too.

I never said that the dust should be removed - just that the places they show up, the direction they go, the amount of dust that poofs up and so on need to be tweaked and adjusted for better clarity. As I’m playing the Stress Test myself, the dust problem is easily one of the most minor ones compared to some of the other stuff they need to fix. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t polish these minor issues regardless. :slight_smile:

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I just saw this posted here folks - so here’s a few quick comments. This video was made before the Stress Test. It used mostly the most recent released public footage from the Devs. It is also, by nature, mostly nitpicking. That’s the whole point of what polish means. You iron out the little details. The kinks. The bugs. And so on.

Out of the 24, I’d say around 5 or so are seriously noticeable in the Stress Test, while the others can all be bundled up as cleanup items for the devs to look at. The point of these videos is to raise these discussions early for the Devs to take into consideration and release the most polished AoE4 they can release.