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Hello, the Fort Walls (most likely just the visual) part of this mod doesn’t work for me. The mod is updated and running only alongside Walls over Trade Routes (by ZaoLat 42) mod. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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My walls go over trade route already so no need for that extra mod, maybe thats why?

Try that and see if it works. I’m also have an upload issue right now so that may be why.

Yes it seems it’s all working now, thank’s very much. Also this update to defensive buildings greatly benefits my defensive playstyle :smiley:

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That’s great to hear! You let me know if there’s anything else you think would be good for this mod!

I can think of a few things, but essentially:

  1. Walls still (even after the update) take a LONG time to build, to the point where even putting 5+ settlers on the segments to build them still takes several minutes to complete, with ~30 seconds per segment for the basic walls and taking upwards of 200 seconds for full walls. Is this intentional or…?

  2. Maltese Defensive Structures such as Commanderies and Fixed Guns, do you intend to go over these like you have done so with the outposts and forts?

为什么我自己打小规模战斗的时候 AI 从来不建墙呢?

Took a break from aoe3, but recently came back using this mod. Really enjoy everything about it, minus the time it takes to build walls. It’s almost impossible to use them unless you’re playing treaty. After playing dozens of games with this mod, I would suggest lowering the wall hitpoints, and greatly reducing build time. Also bumping the pop to 500. Great mod though, appreciate all the work you put into it. Cheers.