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Very impressive mod!

Developers i have a question, if a civilization is good enough, would you officially add it?

Obviously there would be limits, but I would like to know if there is such a possibility. :slightly_smiling_face:

Too bad, but thanks for letting me know.

That guy posting it, is a bot, he won’t answer you xD


I subscribed in the website, but no seeing it in-game!

If you want to download the mod you have to do it manually for now !
Please join the discord server for the download and the instructions!


Al right everyone, good news ! Age of the world has finally been able to arrive in the mod browser! Make also sure to join the discord and check out the Add-on


Huge mod, similar balance to DE :joy:

Incredible. It is on the mod browser now.

Devs shame on you those normal people doing everything for you which you guys need to do.Microsoft send the maker of this mod some money please as a gift

On recent version, there is a bug that prevent AI to move nor continuing the game.
There is a pop-up window that described the error, mainly focus on AiMilitary.xs file. Summarized, that error was from parse failed.

 ...AI\Core\AiMilitary.xs(297) XS: error 0172 'gCeylonDelay" is not a valid operator. 
XS: error 0165: high level parseExpr2 failed. 
XS: error 0135:ParseConditionDecl failed. 
XS: Error 0273: could not parse the code for 'militarymanager' rule. 
XS: Error 0003: could not compile file 'AiLoaderStandard.xs'

Hope you guys can fixed it soon, since this is really awesome mod!

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Disable Age of Pirates. We have a compatibility pack coming but it isn’t uploaded yet