Age up before 4min as Chinese without mining gold

Viper vs Magic game2 from 7:20:30 likely the first time I saw it used in top level tournament,

@SavageEmpire566 SavageEmpire566 I notice you replied it is very little reward for the micro work needed back then, not sure will players using it in top level tournament change you mind?


This is something my friends and I do every game as Chinese and while it does require some work it is at a time in the game where there isn’t very much going on. Yea you can just build a mining camp but then you’re out 50 wood and have to chop stragglers, when you could really just have everyone on food, use the remaining 50 wood on a lumber camp, and later get a gold camp when you’re going to need to divert your attention.

My mind is not yet changed, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

I feel that it doesnt do much since just age 2 doesnt provide alot for china and to get additional goals like song it kind of slows you down imo.

I can think of a few ways to abuse it… we will see :smiley:

This allow me to get 2tc quicker with a additional officer too.

I love that micro drop off. Great video, thx!

This build allows for much better defense against early aggression, could even be used against Mongols if villagers were situated a little differently, I love how versatile Chinese are