Age Up! Episode 2 - Age of Empires

Age Up! Episode 2 - Age of Empires

Time for another episode of Age Up!, the series that will be taking us through history to learn all sorts of interesting facts. This time we are talking about the Assyrian Daleks, watch the video below to hear all about them! If you’d like to download “The King of Macedon’s Prize” wallpaper that Joe mentioned … Continued

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Cool episode, waiting for more exciting content from this interesting time period.

very good video

I love how they responded to our complaints about the first one!

So funny episode, and I like that earthquake fact about pyramid lossing its limestone. Keep up the good work!

Nice save with pyramids)
Pssst, better use word “conquering” then “invasion”. Cause even your D-day was invasion)
And what Alex “Son of Zeus” Macedonian did - was conquering)


man…brings back childhood memories of my dad yelling at me to get off the computer…

i’d like to know when will the beta text begin? i can’t wait any longer

sweet !

I love AOE!!! I think my most favorable version was aoe2 online play was awesome! Great memories great battles, great people and strategical minds! Clans forming, legendary names were made, people trolling, but it was always a great time, even if your DM game took hours, because you both(1v1) fought fiercely and tried to kill each other’s economy. Scrapping just enough resources to build more units,… searching for the last villagers that were spread out throughout the map… lol great times