Age up hotkey when Jeanne D'Arc peasant is used to age up

When Jeanne d’Arc Peasant only is selected to age up, the two options in the age up menu are mapped to the default Q and W hotkey, not following custom Fully Remapping configuration.

When a normal villager or JD+villager(s) are selected to do the age up, the bug doesn’t exist and it is possible to use the custom hotkey.

The following video demostrate the bug:
YouTube video: ###########
The system doesn’t allow me to post youtube link now. pay attention to the Q and W hot key mapping.

The system doesn’t allow me to post YouTube url. Check the above images. When JD or a villager is selected to age up, the hotkeys in the age up menu are different.

Try taking a screenshot of the YouTube link, edit it in paint and then put it here as an image, then we transcribe it to see the case. It also helps to put the title of the YouTube video itself to search for it in the search engine.

About the problem, it happened to me too.

In fact, I also play Joan D’Arc quite a bit, and it has happened to me on occasions that something similar also happened. I wanted to go up in age and Joan’s ability came out. I thought she had clicked wrong, but it may be the bug itself.

Maybe it’s a holdover from some previous design, like the devs were thinking of making Joan the cause of Age Up in her Civ instead of producing Landmarks, but since they saw that that could be counterproductive, they left the French Landmarks as they were.