Hi all, I was wondering what you think of current Age up mechanics, since dlc civs brought new interesting mechanics.

Pick your most liked mechanic and comment which you like least and why please.

  • Europeans (Base Game) - Choose a Politician
  • Native Americans - Choose a Tribe member
  • Asians - Select a Wonder
  • USA & Africans - Choose a State/Tribe

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If all civs were to get the same age up mechanic of comunity favorite mechanic, even if it isnt your favorite, you would:

  • Agree, you would like it
  • Disagree, you like the diversity
  • Other comment

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From the Age of Empires Series, which age up mechanic do you like the most, if you have only played one, skip it please.

  • AoE I - Original, DE
  • AoE II - Original, HD, DE
  • Age of Mythology
  • AoE III - Original, DE
  • AoE IV

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Thank you for sharing your opinion here, this is only because I was curious about what you all think, thanks.

Good survey. What I would suggest is to improve a little more the ways in which European and American civilizations age. Apart from the resources they bring, they give a permanent benefit to the rest of the game. Some only give resources and / or units, but could give an extra benefit.

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my favorite age up in order is:




i think warcheifs and Europeans are about equal after the new options to Europeans with DE, all be it i think some factions cough germany cough could maybe use the american/african age up mechanic.


I love the Age ups from this game. I think the problem with the current Age up mechanics is that they are not all viable and there are some very obvious go to options compared to others. African civs seem to be the most balanced in this regard.


I think it would be a good idea to revisit the European age up politicians and take a good hard look at which of them are not receiving much action in the meta and perhaps explore ways to revamp them.

Certainly, it would add potential new build orders and inject variety into the game, especially if the politicians are a bit more civ specific.

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Yeah the old age up options are… old… now. Especially because as the above poster pointed out, most of them don’t get used and one choice is usually a no brainer. Having some varying costs to use them as well as other effects would be good.

Logistican was a good idea, just half of them are kinda poor (Brit, Germany, France, Port outside of treaty) and some of the reworked ones like the bishop for age 3 and cheaper upgrades for 4 were alright until the nerf bats got brought in. Understandable but now they don’t get used either.

The Native American ones are okay I guess though more of their options could be Aztec like with bonuses or some sort of long term payoff in exchange for short term cost.

Africa and America are really good in concept at least.


TC age up is good and the 2 settlers/2 cows. Europeans could probably do with more variety though, you still always see fast age up being used.

I really like diversity in age-up mechanics. Feels good, provides more depth, content and makes sense historically. A lot of that is just presentation and visual coating, but still, there’s enough gameplay difference for it to be an interesting and important part of settlement development.

They only thing I’m sure I’d like to see change is having more options to choose from. For everyone.
We could make use of HC level and for example for Euro civs after reaching lvl 25 you get 6 politicians/statesmen to choose from, after lvl 50- 8. And as a cool extra feature - after lvl 75 you get one extra option, that makes little sense strategically but provides just fun- like having some visual changes to the building, having stock cow/sheep being changed to some country-specific unique animal, or maybe even changing the skin of the explorer on the fly, to look like some historical figure.

Having all cards unlocked is probably a good change compared to og AoEIII, but it butchered however little meaning was to leveling. At least Civ level could be utilized.


Thank you folks for your opinions, I feel that both Europeans and Natives (Americans) need a little bit more flavour. As you say some Europeans could get some regional uniques or something and natives could get too.

Ex. Aztecs having wonders, “Templo Mayor”, “Skull Column”, “Teotihuacan”.

I wouldn’t want to change any of the overall mechanics. Maybe slight changes to the seldom used ones but nothing major. If anything I would want to add more flavour to the euro civs in other ways like adding new skins for royal guard upgrades so Redcoats look different than regular musketeers, etc. Native civs are already the most unique so it’s fine that their age up is the least liked.