Age up times

Hi all,

I have been reading a lot about aggressive/acceptable age up times in AoE II-DE. And while I have found them useful to get better, and focus on the goal (I used to love studying every tech at each age), I did want to ask the community if the numbers that are typically seen are given in actual human time, or game display time.

I ask because I play on Speed-2.0. I just hate watching villagers saunter over to build a house.

In real time I can level up at 6:30, but obviously in game time this means 11:00.

I just wanna know if I am actually off by a factor of two.

Cheers yall!


Most (or maybe even all) guides will use the ingame timer.


You should see in-game time at the top of the screen. If you can’t see it, press F11 a few times.

Ranked games are played at 1.7 speed.

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Thanks for the reply. So i saw a video guide at casual speed. And the game timer wasnt on. But the player didnt level up til ~7 minutes in real world time. Which i guess would be about 11 minutes on the game clock. Is that what im understanding? Or do people really only take 3 minutes (real time) to level up.

This table shows the perfect up times (ingame clock) which you want to hit based on the number of vills of the BO.

So if your goal is 21 pop (+loom) at reaching feudal age, then 11.00 min is pretty bad (9:40 is perfect time, so you already have 100 seconds of idle time at your TC.

If you are doing some 25+2 (without loom) FC build, then reaching feudal age at 11.00 is pretty good (10.55 is perfect time to reach feudal age in that build, so just 5 seconds of idle time).

So reaching feudal age at 11 minutes can be good or bad based on your strategy.

For your example at the stream: 7 minutes in real life is around 11 minutes on the ingame clock. The references in this post are all based on the in game clock.

jeebus-H thanks for clearing that up.

But uhh… im guessing “vills”= villagers, but what is “BO”?

And i hear you about depending on strategy. I usually play against moderate and can win with little trouble. But theres a cheevo for beating hardest…i suspect thats gonna be the lords work

Vills is indeed villagers.
BO = build order.

If you want to know more about Build orders:

This is a great guide with lots of Build orders to get you started.

If you like videos, then i could recommended the following:

Both are playlists with lots of info about build orders. These guides might be more focused on multiplayer, but are also very useful against the AI.


Thanks so much. Ive been playing since middle school but now wanna get good in my 30s since im bored shitless. I appreciate your patience and more importantly the in depth nature of your responses.