[age4] As for builders and buildings under construction

I was watching the gameplay trailer and something got me, the new build under construction animation has the builder inside the building. Will we be able to attack the builder while he is working on a building?
Do we know that already?

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Time to call the medieval ghostbusters.


When there’s something strange…with your construction…who ya gonna call…AGE BUSTERS


I think you don’t need to worry about that. The building animation is one thing and the actual builders are another.

You can spot at least two builders in this screenshot and they seem pretty reachable. The animation is just eye candy.


Ohh, nice. Thank you. i didn’t realize that.

AoE4 has those ghost villagers to symbolize that building something would take more workers and more time in real life.

Like I said in another thread, it is a timelapse of the buildings creation

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We don’t know that for sure, but almost certain you will. I mean, it is just eye candy.