Ageing up Quickly

I don’t get how people do it so fast or boom so fast in this game. I was just in a 1v1 and not only was the dudes score 4000 points above me, his eco was insane. He murdered me but what do people do or build order to age up so fast?

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With most of civs, you need to age up between 2.20 to 3 minutes.

Just have constant vills in line until you have the 800 food required, and don’t idle those vills.
If you need, when you loose a rank game versus someone that you find better, you can go in the menu again and watch the replay of the game from your ennemy’s POV, so you can see exactly how to do it.

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It depends on which civ you play but most of it comes down to how you play the early game.
I dont know what your knowledge of the game is but there are a few points I can put across that might help.

First thing is prioritise hunts over berries as hunts are gathered a lot faster. And do not make mills early.
Now if you already know that, make sure you are on top of your herding, as it is almost as important as makingvills. That means you need to make sure that the near by hunts are under your tc to minimise walking time and increasing vill efficiency.
The way you play the early game will pretty much dictate how the rest of the game will be played out.
A weak early game will translate on a very poor mid game and vice versa.

There are also several build orders here too Strategy - ESOCommunity

Also this video might help
Even if you don’t play French you can still focus on the importance of an efficient early start.

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I would recommend watching some build order videos or I think even the Art of War challenges do a pretty good job teaching you a basic build order.

But the basic one is to always have a villager queued in your TC, and put all your villagers onto a herd. Try and push the herd closer to your TC by shooting directly behind the herd with your TC on the other side. Once you have 800 food Age Up usually with a wood or food bonus. While you are aging you want to transfer almost all vills (except two vills, they can try and push further hunts towards TC) to wood so you can gather wood to make a market, trading post or a barracks/stable. If you have your timing down you can place a military building so it finishes building right when Age 2 finishes.

Now in Age 2, again ensure you are making villies at all times. You will want to move your villies back to your hunts, maybe leave a few on wood. Then have new villies go to gold. I usually move a few herd villies to gold.

Then I would recommend getting some military units up for defense if you want to try and go fast fortress or you can go for early aggression. And its just finding the correct balance of villies mining gold vs villies working hunts. You never want them on a farm or estate until you have exhausted safe hunts and mines.

For shipments, you will probably have one in Age 1 which I usually use a villager card with. In Age 2 it again depends what you want to do, but you can either go for resource cards, food and gold to try a fast fortress or make military units or wood shipment to try and take control of trading posts OR you send military unit cards to try and overwhelm your opponent.

This would be a very basic build order for like the British, Portuguese, Spanish, French etc and wouldnt be considered ‘optimal’. There are more complicated builds like British manor booming or Spanish using their shipments.

Hope this helps!

Never stop producing settlers in your TC.

Always use hunts before switching to farms. Herdables gather so much faster. Same goes with mines of course.

If his eco was mega-ultra-ludicrous insane he may have been water booming.

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So to age up quickly what you do is you want pretty much everyone on food in age 1, but sometime you want to chop 100 wood at the beginning to get a house and a trade post, then everyone on food, always make villagers, collect any treasures you can.

To get quickly from age 1 to age 2:

Constant villiger production, everyone on food, you typically age up with 12 + (depending on civ)

If you want to go fast to age 3 afterwards, in the transition from age 1 to age 2, switch some villagers to gold (like 4-5 should do it), keep rest on food. You need a 700G crate shipment in your deck. By the time you reach age 2, you should have about 150 gold, 700-800 food and 1 shipment. Send the gold shipment. By the time it arrives you should have 300 gold - task your gold villigers to get the gold from crates. You should now have 1200 food (at least) and 1000 gold to age up. Use the fast age up option.


Thank you so much! Ill give it a run.

I really only use the USA and British

USA are a little slow to start. You can master British they are good. Plus you get settlers from manors. Helps a lot. Once British are mastered then learn USA. USA is still being explored by the top players.

Depends on the civ, some like aztec get fast age option in age 1, ottoman age fast because of free villagers, some civs sacrifice eco like port they just make up to 10 villagers called a 10/10 and don’t even build a house but age extremely quickly, france make up to 9 vills then ship 3 to do a 12/10.
There are many builds to age fast and it is not always a good option and can slow down your eco, totally depends on the civ match up.

just build a house and any building asap for xp, and herd/hunt. use control groups for tc and explorer, so you can take control of them right away without moving your screen. whenever a villager is almost spawned just hit the tc control group and que another before continuing what you where doing before. update your villager way points and ensure they don’t shoot animals away from tc.

control groups and hotkeys not only make it faster to age up, it also makes managing your economy so much easier. your hurting yourself and making the macro gameplay more confusing and miserable if you don’t utilize them. with them villagers are always in que without having to search for your tc, and villagers automatically go to resources on spawn. here’s a micro tip that isn’t clearly explained, if you have control of a unit you can click the space bar to focus on them as well.

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Ill give this a shot and see if it helps me!