Ages and Wonders in AoE4

I would like the Ages and Wonders system in AoE4 to work as follows:

  • I would like each age to have all types of buildings and units, the buildings being aesthetically modified and the units being able to get upgraded as you advance to the next age, instead of having very few buildings and units in the early ages and advancing quickly to have it all in the last age.Then it would make sense to cost more resources to advance to the next age in order to stay longer in an older age and build all the buildings in the early ages and take longer to reach the last age, the idea is to spend more time playing in the early ages instead of playing most of the game in the last age.

  • Knowing that there are going to be 4 ages, I would like each civilization to have its own style in each age (such as the aesthetics of buildings and units), including its own denomination for each age. For example, in the hypothetical case that one of the civilizations were the Spanish, the ages would be: the Dark Ages, the High Middle Ages, the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance (a temporal division that would be repeated for many European civilizations), the first age would use a Pre-Romanesque architecture from the times of the Visigothic Kingdom and the Kingdom of Asturias, the second age would use a Romanesque architecture from the times of the Kingdom of León, the third age would use an Isabelline Gothic architecture from the times of the Crown of Castile and the fourth a Herrerian architecture from Habsburg Spain.

  • I would like that the wonders could be built in each age and that they remain unchanged when advancing to the next age, being able to accumulate a maximum of 4 different wonders, these buildings could only be built once and would give you a different bonus each one, so we could see the wonders during the game more often and they would be a more dynamic element.

These would be my 4 Spanish wonders for each age:

The old Royal Palace in Oviedo from the Kingdom of Asturias, the wonder for the Dark Ages.

The Cathedral of Zamora, the wonder for the High Middle Ages.

The Cathedral of Burgos, the wonder for the Late Middle Ages.

The Royal Palace and Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the wonder for the Renaissance.

I would like you to make examples with the 4 ages and their wonders for the civilization that you like the most. Thanks.

About having more buildings starting at the first age, I think we will see it since in the fan preview trailer it is seen that there are 4 tiers of upgrade in all units even in cavalry and archers, not only in ‘militia’ line (the points at the top of the unit icon may represent that) (0:21, 0:22)

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