Aging with China (or Japs, or India)

Hi, a “noob” question: aging with one of the asian dynasties you use 1 villager to start the contruction of the builing to get to the new age. my question: is there a boost into the time to age up if, instead of 1 vill, I will use 2 or 3? If yes, is there a suggested “magic” number of villagers to be used?


Without any Villager building the Wonder, it takes 2 minutes (120 seconds) to go to the next age, except for the Fortress Age, which takes 2 minutes and 25 seconds (145 seconds). Each additional Villager tasked with building the Wonder will take some time off. The first 4 Villager will take off 10 seconds each, and the last 4 will take off 5 seconds each. For example, going from the Discovery Age to the Colonial Age with 8 Villagers building the Wonder will take

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As @Skadidesu stated above these are the times that the wonders are constructed with each vills.
As for how many vills you will put on the wonder depends on which civ you are playing as or the situation.
As japan for example you only need 1 vill to go age 2, but if you going to age 3 or 4 u usually want to have all 8 vills on the wonder as you normally want to go up as quick as you can