AI and babysitting them

So, there is an issue with the AI that I think should be improved. They rely too much on you slinging them. I have played in many different team setups with AI. I just played a few matches of 2v2v2v2. Me and 7 AI. And me. The one thing I noticed across all the games, was that the AI on my team did far worse than the other ones. It was just slower in every way, and the only difference, is that I didn’t sling it until imp when I had enough resources to spare.

In FFA, all the AIs do better, even if nobody is slinging them. Maybe because they don’t expect resources to get given to them?
And in games with teams where all have at least 2 AI, they seem to do a lot better too. So the only conclusion I have is that for the AI on my team to actually be able to start up for itself, I have to start slinging them early? That’s stupid. And it doesn’t seem to matter if I wait until imp to sling, because even if I do sling them massive amounts of resources, the AI is just mostly passive, even if I try to make them aggressive with command taunts.

Actually, another thing that can have something to do with it, is that they want trade more than mining gold, even on maps with a ■■■■-ton of gold everywhere on the map… Actually gonna test that by placing markets on the map and stuff from the start.

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Try using the tuant commands to guide it if you need it to

I am, but still, the issue is that it is weak and slow to begin with. I did build a market far away earlier last time, and it did improve it a bit at least.

What elo are you? I heard extreme is around 1650 but i think it is less then that. You should also give it an archer civ.

Seems like the AI isnt used to play next to a play, so it has some difficulties to team up with the player. That pretty much explains why it play better with an AI as team mate.

Seems like you believe a big liar :rofl:

I think most 900 elo players would be able to beat the extreme AI if they play aggressive. Upper limit would be about 1100. So most people would rate the extreme AI about 1000-1100 elo.

No elo. Don’t enjoy playing online. I am mostly playing on a custom map, or with Giant or even Ludi size (LOL).
And I mostly enjoy late game battle, as in late imp full in battles. Most players go aggressive early on. Gets boring to me.
And there is my mind where I think I feel like playing AoE2, and a few mins in I don’t feel like it after all so I just quit.