AI Bugs new patch

AI armies completely ignore traders it passes on the way to targets. It never sets the trade line as a target.

You can taunt the AI villagers into indefinitely following your unit.

Villagers run from scouts even tho scouts are weak now.

This bug was not fixed in the new patch

The AI Malians are not exploring Tithe Barns technology.

AI kill wolves instead of scouting and gathering sheep .
I understand that this is very important especially when you play against you Rus, but in the normal game, it only hurts and the player has time to collect more sheep than the AI.

When cornered, the AI will occasionally just ball up villagers and idle them.

They will stream villagers one by one past towers trying to get to a target build site.

They still can’t build walls completely, they leave gaps that make the wall useless.

They don’t have good target priority. In a mixed battle they don’t prioritize monks, mehters, or scouts.

This is AI they should be able to program them to micro like crazy - never overkilling, adjusting position and targets, etc. Instead they micro worse than me and I’m basically inebriated. I don’t think they micro at all, they just seem to attack-move blindly.

They barely ever make springalds anymore, they used to make a lot and be somewhat good at countering siege.

When the AI builds Wonder it leaves all villagers they stand in one place without doing anything . Villagers simply stand idle and are an easy target for the enemy.
Please make the AI direct the Villagers to gather resources or remove some of the Villagers and build merchants or build more armies to protect the Wonder.

The information written below is from another thread about AI bugs. (The video is not mine)

Here’s a clip of replay from a game I just played where I rushed an English AI with two spearmen. They ran into the TC, which is kind of strange because usually AI villagers will chase and attack the spearmen. Especially since english villagers can shoot. But I stood ground with a spear near the unfinished feudal landmark. This caused the AI to garrison all of its villagers for over 10 minutes. Its ally sent a spearman over to kill mine, and it would have won the fight but it backed way at low hp. Then it ignored the weak spearman for over 5 minutes. The AI could have ungarrisoned and killed it easily but they sat in the TC.

This is a sign to me the AI still has a LONG way to go. It’s been a year and it’s still BROKEN.


AI will still lose a lot of units because of escaping from the battle.This just stupid

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Thank you for the list @VisionedTuba52! The team will do what we can.

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