AI bugs!

Villagers stand in place and wait for the berries to appear to pick them.

Can you please make the AI build different Landmarks. I would like to see the AI use different Landmarks. The AI builds the same thing all the time.
For example AI French constantly builds Chamber of Commerce would be cool to AI also build sometimes School of Cavalry. So it depends on the tactics of the AI or 50%-50%.
And that it should be so with all civilization.

A couple games stood out today.

One where AI Mali chose to make its first mining camp not on the closest gold, or the second closest, but midway across the map, totally isolated. I burned it down and it didn’t mine gold or age up for nearly 10 minutes.

Just finished a game on forest ponds. AI didn’t really put any pressure on us, was a boring and easy game. Right before we destroyed the last landmark we found the reason. Each AI seemingly made a dock at one of the ponds and it was filled with >100 ships of every class. Forest ponds is the new map where the ponds are landlocked in the corners of the map, totally pointless to militarize them.

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Thank you @VisionedTuba52! These will be passed onto the AI team.

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