AI Difficulty

There really should be a difficulty between Hard and Hardest, called, IDK, Harder? Hard AI stops making villagers around 70s, while Hardest AI booms to 130s. Also would be good to allow different AI level for each AI opponent.

For variety, I mix up the AI algorithms. Picking AI for one, (which is the AoE2:DE AI that doesn’t cheat, for the most part), maybe the HD AI for another, maybe CD AI for another… etc. I’m all for more varied AIs, including realistic ones, and varying human-like approaches and personalities. I feel they’ve done this to some extent with the AoE2:DE AI.

Always room for improvement. Including training AI using machine learning based on human-played games and different human playstyles (turtling, aggro, etc)

That’s a good call, I can try that or give the Hard AI some handicap. It’d be really cool if they can take all the games the pros play and train an AI to model after them.

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Ahh, good point. I meant to say the handicap idea, too

Haha, AI trained by the pros. That’s a little beyond my skillset :wink: