AI Engine is not accurate w/r/t production/advancement

All versions, scenarios, maps.

I have noticed that while I must produce and manage many villagers to build and advance, the AI seems to be able to miraculously progress without villagers doing anything at all. Occasionally I will peer at the opponent’s progress after advancement only to find most villagers standing around doing nothing!

The engine should be constrained to advance based on the exact same activities human players must adhere to, otherwise the game isn’t a valid contest.

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I haven’t seen something like idle AI villagers since a few patches ago.
In my games they appear to be more busy than ever before - not always in a reasonable way but I could say that about mine too :upside_down_face:
Is it independent from the difficulty?
Did you check a replay to see if they really didn’t have the ressources?

I don’t wanna talk you down or something - just curious

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Thank you for replying. See the attached image from a game I replayed on the same difficulty (Absurd), against the same opponent (Ottomans) as reported yesterday. (Although Opponents don’t matter).
I am on the latest release, and w/r/t difficulty - the AI opponent is set to Absurd.
I cannot say if this occurs on a less difficult setting, I will check that.

As to the resources - I kind of think that is the point. To assemble the army shown in the picture requires workers gathering resources. Hard to see how the resources needed for the army were accumulated with workers that just stand around.

This is kind of a common issue I notice in other games I play… The AI is just running an algorithm to compute its progression as opposed to “playing as a human would”.
Maybe I am being a nitpicker here, but really, if the AI is just going to run an algorithm to advance, what is the purpose of creating a host of idle workers that just stand around?

Attached is an even more absurd example, Chinese. Setting Absurd. Note all the workers clustered together in the trees on the right - just standing there doing nothing. As well the workers around the town center - again, standing there doing nothing instead of farming.
How in the world did this civ progress to Level 3? At level 1 they were busy working, then at Level 2 they stopped… all like this the rest of the game.

I would attach an mp4 of this but apparently cannot upload video.