AI gets bugged out when trying to play mods

I have enjoyed the new additions and all the mods and game modes people have added. However I’ve noticed that the AI doesnt seem to be able to deal with a lot of them. Specifically I tried an advanced game rules mode that has some awesome options that I really like but the AI just coasts along in age 1 or maybe 2 and never really does anything.
I realise that with user created content there could be endless bugs and perhaps some people arent worried about AI behavior when they are creating content but as someone who mostly plays AI it would be great if it were able to cope with mods, at least with mods thay arent crazy.

Alternatively, if making the AI capable of dealing with mods is too broad and challenging perhaps there could be an official advanced game rules option released by the devs and tested to work with the exhisting AI. I dont have the info handy but the mode I was playing had pop limit options as well as adding in regicide and options to change the win timers for sacred sites and wonder victories. There were a few others as well.

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this but I wanted to throw it out there and see if any one else had noticed this issue or if it is isolated to a particular mod.