AI. Hardest is too easy

They only post a threat to someone who even doesn’t know how to build a stone wall. After making a stone wall, AIs will just walk around your wall, and you can easily shoot them down by putting some archers on the wall. No more than ten archers and ten horsemen (or scouts to bring down their battle ram) are needed to guarantee your safety until Imperial Age, before which you can safely develop your technology and build up your economy for near 25 mins. Even after 25 mins, you only need to build a keep and some more scouts. Then you’ll still be very safe till the end.
If you finally build up your army and start to attack. AIs become more stupid. An army will typically be walking together and fight togehter, but the AI will not. After you first beat AI’s only group of troops around near 30~40 units. Then the AI’s army will not group again. Their man-at-arm or knight or whatever units will just attack you one by one(not exactly one, but never more than 10). And you can stay there and kill them one by one without any loss, and then you win the game.

That’s ridiculous for an AI named “HARDEST”. It needs to be enhanced a lot.


Well, the ai is not “cheating” any more.

We can give them that.

But, you are rigth, the hard ai is way too easy.

Even the easy ai can beat it. XD


At the moment the AI is broken ;(

The AI’s eco managing is ok, they build 107 villagers and actively grab resource points around the map, that’s a lot better than many noob players. It’s mainly their combat AI that sucks so much, a lot worse than many noob players. They often drag army back when the battle is still raging on halfway, even if they could have won the battle easily without microing at all.


How cool would it be if the AI actually would be an AI learning from games and improving over time ?


This is what they are planning. They said before release it will become the most advanced RTS AI eventually. Idk when it will be implemented.

But I think we can build an AI in a Machine learning way. No need to cheat, it can just learn and get stronger. I hope AOE4 can provide some API for this like SC2.

They are, though. They can at least see through stealth forests. Was gathering there with a scout and the AI had no way to see into it. My force was already stronger than theirs and I could witness the ai continuesly wanted to take a path through the stealth forest and backing up again until it had a force matching mine, finally attacking.

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Did the AI break? I could have sworn it was harder when the game was first released. Now I’m just disappointed. People keep saying to play against other players if you want a challenge, but not everyone likes doing that. A good and smart AI would be awesome. I really hope they’re working on it.

You don’t even need to build a wall against the AI. Just making a small army since feudal and placing towers next to gold miners is enough.

The biggest problem I see with the AI is that they retreat from every combat unless it knows it can win. In many occasions the AI could have raided me but chose to retreat with its whole army because I killed some of its units.

What it does right is scouting the whole map, expanding its base, going after resources and relics, having an army all the time, and harassing (but failing) the enemy.

This has more info on it.

It seems just to be an ad. Almost nothing they discussed in that post is really in the game.

I remember that, but whatever that AI program is, clearly they haven’t implemented it yet.

That’s because it’s not yet.

Yes. In fact, the easiest way to win AI is just to build an outpost and some archers to fight back the AI’s first wave of attack. Then just attack back to AI’s base. At the same time, keep building your archers and research battle ram in the blacksmith, and you’ll win.

The problem you say I think is not wrong for doing so. It is correct behaviour to retreat if your army cannot beat your opponent’s . The actual problem of AI is that the algorithm for calculating this and the after-retreat strategy is buggy.
The AI always make its tiny group of the army (usually 5~10 units) go to your whole army, and then it finds out it cannot beat you, then it retreats, in the process, it will lose some units as you can attack them.
Then theoretically, it should have known our current combat capacity(a number), and it should have known it needs to gather an army with a greater combat capacity than ours.
But AI doesn’t work that way.
The AI just forgot our combat capacity and made another same attempt, then lost some units to us again without any gains. It just repeatedly feed its army to us. That’s the most stupid part of the AI.