AI has problems using transport ships

Game Version:

  • Build: December patch
  • Platform: Steam


I was spectating an AI game on Islands, and it seems that the AI cannot send proper land attacks, sometimes they send a transport with only half of its capacity filled, but in their main island you can see that there’s a lot of soldiers laying around, without doing anything.

It also looks like the AI doesn’t want to use demo ships, but that’s another issue althogether.


Photo evidence:

In this picture you can see that the AI sends lots of villagers (and some rams) just to collect some random shore fish that’s on the enemy shore

These are the troops that the AI had in its base at the time.

After some time, the yellow AI defeated the green opponent and sent over its villagers again, now they’re stuck trying to deposit the food somewhere, they didn’t place a mill or a TC, this doesn’t always happen, later that game, teal made a small base in blue’s island.

Another example of the AI refusing to send their troops to attack (they were loading and unloading troops in the same island).

In conclusion:

  • The AI attemps to make land attacks on water maps, but most of the time they don’t bring a large amount of units.
  • Villagers will try to make bases on neighbouring islands but sometimes they get stuck trying to collect shorefish without building a dropoff building first.
  • The AI won’t make a land attack even though they have lots of units and transports.

Thanks for reading this post!


Thank you for the great feedback StoneyKhan14558, it’s very helpful that you included these screenshots (even including AI debug chats) in addition to the settings and description! :slight_smile: