AI ignoring other AI?

So I tried playing a Random Map game, with me+AI against two other AI…the two enemy AI pretty much ignored my ally AI and went straight for me. Even after I tried building with my ally, behind their multiple towers and military units, the enemy AI continued to ignore my ally AI, walking right through their buildings/units and focusing attack on me and my units.

Is this how the AI is supposed to function? Hard-focusing the player and ignoring the other AI?

To make the AI fight each other you have to put everyone on a team. Don’t leave anybody on team “-” or they focus on you. This also happened in the original AoE 2 because I remember having the same issue like 15-years ago.

Yes that’s something I figured out when I discovered that AI seems to be neutral with everyone, then they all change stance to enemy with the human players at start of the game. Probably to avoid them sitting around only defending.

You and AI as team 1, the other 2 as team 2. Or for some fun make 4 teams of two and watch the AI battle it out :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I did. I put myself and the AI as team 1, and the other two AI as team 2.

I actually did make 4 teams and all 3 AI focused me. I turned on vision cheats to confirm. They only fought each other if they were somehow next to each other in my base.

The AI likes to focus the “winning player”, do you feel this behavior is too frequent?

@Promiskuitiv said:
The AI likes to focus the “winning player”, do you feel this behavior is too frequent?

Yes, but what is even more frequent is the IA stop attacking after an initial rush. You feel you are playing in a ghost map, alone.

@Promiskuitiv It would be awesome, if not only the player with the most points is under attack from every AI player :slight_smile: My friends and I played often against 4 or more AIs in the orignal game and it was annoying for the player with the most points to be the only one under attack. The constant fighting gave this player more and more points. So it was difficult to fall pointwise behind the other human players without playing intentional bad.
A workaround for us was that I created scenarios, where the AI starting positions was more surrounding us, so that on the way to one player the AI must attack a other player, but this wasn’t a satisfying solution in the longterm :smiley: