AI is creating hundreds of peasant units during the French Campaign - "Disorder" and causes the game to crash

For context, the AI has over 245 units on screen just during this skirmish, with others off the screen. They keep re-spawning over and over (despite their barracks and archery being destroyed). I sent in about 40 knights, and 60 other units and they got destroyed.

Restarting the mission creates the same issue. Prior, it would crash the game completely.

Intentional, or what I assume is a bug?

This is on hard difficulty


Post it in the bug section.

Look like the ai is using the game glich, to do free units, that are excluded from population limit, like some online people do, in multiplayer games. XD

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And tell them what difficulty u had it on

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Is there a way to construct Mangonels? That would be enough to annihilate all those filthy gong farmers.

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Unfortunately not. There are only battering rams in this particular mission

Will do thanks; I posted it in the Help section to no avail. Thought this might get more attention.

It was on hard difficulty. I updated my post to reflect so. But yeah, my next stop will be a bug report.

Thank you for the report @bluntoked! I’ll get this logged so we can start tracking it internally.

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