AI is too weak! reporting some flaws

Hi there, I have played AOE3 for a long time and I have to say the AI is sometimes too weak. It has at least two serious flaws:

  1. Once you build the wall like this, the AI will ignore any other way to attack you but just trying to go through between the two walls. It makes the game so boring. Can you update the AI’s behavior when countering walls?

  2. The AI will just flee without even trying to fight once it feels like it can’t win. And all you need to do is build up a mass army and the AI will not attack you once it encounters you. And you can just chase and slaughter them all. SO DISSAPOINTING!!!

But of course I love this game and recent updates. Good work ! Hope the developers can see this



By point 1, I mean it is easy to defend by make your army stand there. And if you like you can build the wall even more tricky so the AI will just stay home. So…Maybe the AI should attack the walls more aggressively ? Idk. Cause you can really just make a small army and win like this. Even the expert AI.

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I don’t play against the AI much accept when I am playing with a guy I work with who is learning the game , and I have noticed that they run away a lot, even if your force is maybe equal

Don’t build walls against AI till they get around to this.

In some Historical Battles the AI has a free way to your buildings after destroting a piece of wall, but it just keeps destroying the adjacent pieces of wall instead of moving forward. At least it was that way before the patch. I haven’t chexked after that

lol, true. I play with 2 friends who don’t play very well and we tried to 3v5 the AIs. One of the guys come up with this idea and the AI never touched our TC lol.

Yea…maybe that’s another issue to think about. Good point. LOL, buiding the walls like this makes the game like Tower defense. Once you have cannons behind this design of walls, the AI will just feed and feed by entering this aisle no matter how long the path is.

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Yeah I hope the devs get around to fixing this.

But as a general rule, I don’t build walls against the AI.

Its my little honor system. They dont build, so I don’t build.


For me, the AI is in the best shape it’s ever been. There are certain things the AI will never be able to properly manage such as the Ceylon map and walls. It’s not just a 3DE thing, either.


Hahahahha, respect!!!

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The day the AI can do Ceylon map… will be a glorious day for DE.

AoE4 AI can do walls, but its so imperfect and badly done that you’d wish they didn’t know how to.

They can do ceylon type stuff also, but they don’t build military buildings far from their original TC. So still not useful.

AoE3DE AI is actually very good given the complexity of this game. They can do better, of course. But still, very good.

My gripe is that my AI teammates go attacking without asking me, so they go alone against too many units and die.


I think the AI in multiplayer is slightly different than the one in single player. The one in single player seems pretty capable to me.

I get a feeling that the AI in MP depends on the internet speed of the host’s computer.

I watch that player ally aı is weak. It doesnt help the player when he needs it and always completely destroyed by enemy AI.

Tbh the AI is for those newbies learning the game. It should be easy. Once they get better they will start to play multiplayer. No point making AI so difficult, then new players will get recked in single player and multiplayer and probably will just leave this game.

it really depends on the difficulty, at higher dificulties they still behave weirdly but if you let them build up then their and speed can overwhelm

The AI is definitely a chicken if they dont think they can win, you can go bare abus and most of them time they run cause 2-5 of their units die before they even get close

The worst thing about the AI is that sometimes they will walk to some building eg. a trade post and they won’t stop for anything, not even for your army and they will keep walking without attacking your units at all, even until their whole army is dead.


This is strictly speaking, incorrect.

Most people never play Multiplayer. Myself included. Played this game for over 15 years. Only played a few multiplayer games against human opponents.

I play to chill. And most people do that as far as I know. PvE is way more common than PvP.


Not everyone plays multiplayer and even if that were the case, a better AI would be a tool for practicing

But @DiplexBoss6 is right, there are plenty of people who won’t touch multiplayer


Something is up with the French/Napoleon AI. Had a game last night and he revolted relatively early with Revolutionary France, and it gutted his entire economy to the point that he had barely any Mills or Estates and just kept sending Sansculottes to fight until he could afford no more.

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