AI Keeps Resigning

Played again today. Game worked. Following settings.

Following settings. Using code ‘104’ make sure you chat the enemy AI as well as the everyone feature. stops them from resigning at all. But you have to be aggressive to wipe them out as they basically are instant rebuilding. You will need to destroy every last building and milt/villager person to have them say they are resigned with a line through their name.

I am still having this issue. I almost exclusively play the game with a friend where we are one team against several AI teams. We have not been able to get the AI to not resign ONCE since launch. We are definitely sending the command to all enemies (using the ‘everyone’ chat function). Is this still a bug or is there a setting I am missing or something? Here is a screenshot of our usual settings

Hello @AJK227, which map did you select in that match and roughly when did the AIs resign?
If you have a recorded game file where the issue occurs then that would also be immensely helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report.

I think you might have to open the Chat box and select AI Commands on the right, and then do “104” from there (see screenshot). It seems to work for me more often than not when I do that. I want to say it always works, but I think there’s been a few times where it hasn’t; I could be wrong.

I wish you didn’t have to go here… but it seems a lot more reliable using this method. I wish you could just send “Everyone” the “104”, but alas.

I also wish it was a setting you could specify in the lobby, at least for when playing with AI opponents and teammates. I always forget after a match starts. And then after I start destroying the AI, I remember about the 104 thing, and hurriedly try to do the AI Command ‘104’, only to have the AI resign literally 1 or 2 seconds before I’m able to execute the command… and they have a bunch of buildings and units left standing. That’s happened to me at least 5 to 10 times now. As a completionist type of player, it’s a bummer.

This game worked fine for me until it installed the latest patch. Now AI resigns unless you command it not to (104) but then you play for a long time and then realize that the AI players don’t even board their transport ships from the start of the game. The AI isn’t even trying. I tried re-installing it and that didn’t work. Can’t figure it out and can’t seem to get help from Microsoft or reach anyone at AOE. This blows, I think I want my money back.

Hello @bobEjo2295,

I want to help and try reproducing this issue, what settings did you play on? Not boarding their transport ships sounds like the “Earth” real world map or was it a different one (even custom?)?


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Yes it was Earth real world map. Didn’t matter what difficulty level. Everything worked fine until the patch was installed.

We usually use the unknown map, but have been playing on mega random since the most recent patch as the unknown seems to be buggy and won’t let us create a game. They resign fairly early on in the fight (sometimes we don’t even destroy their town centre or half of their military buildings), and we really like to crush everything so I hope this can be fixed!

I have two recorded gameplays though I’m not sure how to upload/send them to you?

Thank you for the report bobEjo2295. :slight_smile:

@AJK227 If you could send them to as email attachments that would be great! :slight_smile:

This is still an issue. One of my biggest gripes about the game, tbh. (This, and the annoying battle horn/alarm sounds that are too loud, way too frequent, with no exclusively separate audio slider to control their volume or frequency of occurrence, for whatever reason for 20 solid years and counting.)

I get so wrapped up in matches that I forget to do the 104 audio taunt near the start of the game. So, then mid-way through defeating my first enemy, I have a flash moment where I think to myself, “Noooo, I forgot to do 104!!”… where I then scramble to do 104 before the enemy resigns. Sometimes I’m quick enough, sometimes, not. It’s very aggravating to spend 2 or 3 hours on a game to have an AI resign when they have tons of building left and/or a plethora of units. Even if there’s one building left and one unit, it’s annoying. Let me enjoy the fruits of my labor to the fullest!

Tonight, one AI resigned when he had at least 30 buildings left and a number of units. As soon as I saw those, “I’m going to resign” chats, I shook my head and scrambled to do 104 in hopes it wasn’t too late. Alas, it was too late. Then, after hitting 104 ten times at that moment – to make sure the game understood my intent so the other AI enemy wouldn’t resign, I proceeded to play another 30-45 minutes. Lo’ and behold that AI resigned, too!! He had 20 or 30 buildings left, as well, and a bunch of units still. So frustrating. – Ahh, I forgot to also click “Everyone” as the recipient of my chats when I hit 104 ten times, I assume? But maybe not… I think it defaults to that in 1 vs. 2 AI games. Either way, Well played, game. Well played…

If you want to get off to a fast start, who has time to go chat “104” in the AI Commands?? And then as you keep getting wrapped up in the game, going into that area to do “104” is the last thing on my mind. Plus, it doesn’t even work 100%.

This should be a checkbox in the lobby… a time where you will always remember to look and never have to worry about again. And, hopefully, it would remember your preference. Nay, I trust it would!

People with this issue are scattered about the forums. Here are a couple. Can this please be addressed in an upcoming patch? And also make the AI less prone to resigning so quickly, in general, if you don’t specify that you don’t want them to resign?

Is it tracked as a bug? Is it on the list for resolution, or to be looked at? I don’t invest multiple hours into matches just to have the AI toss the towel in before I have a chance to enjoy my comeback conquest.


I have an idea. As a quality of life improvement, would it be possible to see a confirmation that the AI will not resign when you execute the 104 command?

For example, if you’ve sent 104 to all AI, you should see their name and corresponding color in chat blurbs that say:

Henry V will not resign.
Richard II will not resign.
Harold Godwinson will not resign.
Edward Longshanks will not resign.
Henry Bolingbroke will not resign.
Richard the Lionheart will not resign.

I image these would need to be added to this file… C:\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\en\strings\key-value\key-value-strings-utf8.txt

If you sent the 104 to only one AI, then only their confirmation would show.

And, conversely, if you use 105 to allow one or all to resign, then the confirmation would say:

"Edward Longshanks is allowed to resign."

PS: I don’t think you should have to use the “AI Commands” side-panel section of the chat pop-up window to do 104/105, either. Just a normal 104/105 taunt to one or all AI should suffice, yeah? Furthermore, actually, I feel 104/105 should just be universally-applied-to-all-AI commands where you do not need to go into the chat pop-up window at all to specify an audience, and where they apply to all AI in the match automatically (even though you never specify “Everyone” in the chat pop-up window). This functionality is made more possible if confirmation messaging is implemented because you’ll see exactly which AI successfully received the command (in this case all of them).

  • Later, if you find that you actually want one or more AI to be able to resign, then that’s when you could go into the chat window and use 105 (“You can resign again”) to the specific AIs you want to allow that for. But if you want them all to be able to resign again, just use 105 without specifying a target audience.

As a player who plays against AI a lot, this just makes most sense to me and how I play. I never want one AI to be able to resign and another one not; I just want them all ‘not resigning’. So, in addition, to having it as a setting in the game creation lobby, the above enhancements would help push the functionality over to a point of sheer awesomeness.

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This is still an issue. Happened to me in a 2 human vs. 3 AI game over the weekend.

To try and have them not resign, I clicked the options to target my chats to the enemy AI, enabled AI Commands, and then selected “104 - Don’t Resign” from the command list. But then an hour or two later, one AI resigned at the drop of a hat, and another clearly resigned when they shouldn’t have and announced their resignation through chat. Ugh.

Does 104 only work on “AoE2:DE” AI, and not HD or CD AI? I haven’t tested, but I’m pretty sure over the weekend the only one that didn’t resign early was a DE AI. Maybe it was just coincidence if the DE AI was the only one that didn’t resign.

I still think it would would be easy and amazing if my suggestion above could get implemented, where each AI who hears the “104” command responds by confirming that they won’t resign. It would also help ensure you opened up the chat correctly to them all rather than less than all of them (if we must continue to use the cumbersome AI Commands method).

You could even get creative with the messaging, if needed. Like:

  • “Henry V - You have my word, sire, that I will not resign.”
  • “Richard II - I would never resign against the likes of you! Have at thee, coward!”
  • “Harold Godwinson - My civilization will not be resigning. Not in a million years!”


EDIT: Happened again today (Jan 31, 2021). Switched chat to “Enemies”, enabled “AI Commands”, clicked “104”, but red guy still was able to resign… even though he had a bunch of buildings and at least some villagers left. And, as a result, it says in Stats, he ‘survived until finished’. 104 not working hurts the overall experience…


It works, it’s just hard to use properly.

No, it doesn’t work. I just replied to your other post in the other thread where you tried to say I was using it wrong, or in a way that’s not congruent with how its operating:

I know how to type “104” or to do the AI command “104”. It’s not rocket science. The problem is that the game is buggy and doesn’t register your desire 100% of the time. I know for a fact because I’ve played several games and done it many times the past year, and it just depends on how the game feels at the given date and time whether or not it wants to follow your wishes. Some games it works great; other games, not so much.

Even if it were “hard to use properly,” that indicates to me it’s buggy. Typing “104” is all that should be needed.

I actually think “not resigning” should be the default and having to type “105” to let them resign should be the action requiring manual effort. Are there really a lot of “vs. AI” players who want AI to resign when you destroy one house in their mighty empire? (Exaggerating a bit, but, honestly, some AI do resign after a couple buildings get destroyed and a few units get killed. For me, that’s frustrating because I don’t spend an hour or more of my day amassing an army or coming back from probable defeat to have an AI give up at the drop of a hat.)

Hey there! Our team is having trouble reproducing this issue as described. We could use two things to help see exactly what you’re seeing and where improvements can be made:

  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to reliably reproduce the issue.
  2. A replay with play-by-play details of when it happens.

If someone (or anyone) can attach these files, i will pass them along to the team for further review!

Thanks again!

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I can confirm the same thing. AI resigns in regicide (shouldn’t ever) conquest, and last man standing. I normally play 1v1ai. It was working fine with the 104 code for months. Then recently it stated bailing out. Last time was with king and villagers still alive but no town center or market in last man standing mode. 1v1. I’ve wasted several days of gameplay only to have the let down at the end. Game is DE.

I found two versions of an AI no resign mod here under mods. I will try that. Yesterday I had the AI resign after 104 no resign code when King, TC and Monastery with relic were all still standing. Plenty of villagers too with remote mining camps. It was a 2 relic map on steppe. Sure I had him surrounded but this was weak.

HI all.

I am a returning player and 104 has stopped working with me (1v1 arabia normal settings).

Yeah me too. It happened recently like in the past couple weeks. I can use the 104 code early or late and the ai still resigns. I have gotten good at hoarding all the relics so I tried to let the ai keep one in a 2 relic game on steppe. But no joy still resigned with a tc, king, monastery and plenty of villagers. I like to play on slow with only 50 pop and a large 4p map. That gives me time to age up. I don’t use quick keys so I know I play slow. But I play on hard level and if I go up to hardest, I get creamed with a rush using knights and rams while my military was guarding relics around the map. It’s a huge difference between levels and only now am I thingking I should try more pop since most players do online. Did my first coop last night and got creamed. I joked about not playing on normal and low pop and one ally resigned right away like a rage quit.

try the no ai resign mod posted here. I am at work so i can’t try until tonight.

Also, i have tried all the settings for regicide and so on, ai taunts and the rest. It’s really crazy lame and big let down after all your hard work.