AI less aggressive after update 40220

It seems the behavior of the AI has changed after the latest update, at least on “Hardest” difficulty.

My friends and I are used to letting it boom into Imperial Age so that it is a bit of a challenge to beat. But our last few games after the update, the AI has been making some strange decisions and training relatively few units, when before it did not hesitate to flood you with relentless assaults.

Also the stats are bugged again (one AI had an eco score of ~100 after a 1h30 game), and I’m thinking it might have something to do with the issue.

Did anybody else encounter this behavior ?

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we play a lot on extreme, doesn’t seem to change all that much.

in fact, I personally felt AI gets worse later in the game in imperial age because they do not make enough villagers for resources, waste resource on useless mining camp where there are no more stone/gold, make 20 lumber camps where there are no villagers on them at all etc.

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