AI loses too many units while retreating from bad fights - Should consider retreating effectively

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  • **GAME BUILD #:**54545
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I am very happy with the AI behavior now. But when the AI retreats from bad fights, these things can happen:

  1. The decision to retreat is taken correctly, but the units don’t fight back on the way home. They can be picked off by chasing troops. Ideally, they should leave with most units and leave a few to take it for the team :pleading_face:.

  2. The decision to retreat is too late, AI will lose all units whether it retreats or not. See first pic and recordings

  3. AI retreats but then walks towards the enemy in a fit of bad pathing. See second pic and recordings. It does not attack as it walks towards the enemy despite being picked off.

  4. Retreat is not necessary, but the AI still does so. When it feels its outnumbered will mostly just regroup and retreat and then walk towards a regroup point. It may have won the fight if it actually committed to it.

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Frequently now that AI actively tries retreating.

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play against AI
  2. Observe AI retreat behavior

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Smarter AI retreat behavior - AI should not ignore enemy units chasing down retreating troops It can send most of its troops back home but leave some as a sacrifice to fight the chasing enemy. Also have better pathing so that they don’t retreat straight INTO the enemy.

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*Some record games to highlight the issue:
Record Game 2021-12-01 20-57-38.age3Yrec (14.3 MB)

Record Game 2021-11-30 19-59-02.age3Yrec (17.6 MB)

Record Game 2021-12-02 00-39-27.age3Yrec (18.4 MB)


I think the AI retreats too much. They go across the map only to fire a few volleys or whatever then turn around and go home. Makes coordinating attacks on enemy bases tedious.


In my experience after the latest patch, it only retreats when it thinks it can’t win a fight…

When I have fewer units and am losing, it goes ahead and destroys my town.

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Another image showing the AI lose valuable cannon units while retreating:

at this point I’m able to use a very small flank to eradicate all the cannon. The AI has ranged cav that it can use to defend the cannon but it won’t.

Record Game 2021-12-02 23-21-31.age3Yrec (26.5 MB)


Hi @DiplexBoss6

Thanks for this, we are already tracking this issue!

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Yeah I’ve played a couple AI matches on latest patch and this appears to be the biggest issue with AI right now. The retreat logic really hurts them a lot.

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