AI Map Type always changes back to Coastal in the Scenario Editor

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.34055.0 4495784
  • Platform: Steam


In the Scenario Editor in the Map section, this is a section called AI Map Type with a list of different AI modes. Changing the setting seems to work at the time, but if you save the scenario and reload the file, it always changes back to the Coastal setting. If you try and play the map, it will show as a Coastal map and the AI will always behave the same. I’ve been trying to make a custom Team Islands scenario using the Team Islands AI map type, but it always changes back to Coastal and the AI doesn’t know what to do.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open the Scenario Editor
  2. Click the Map button at the top left
  3. Change the AI Map Type to something other than the Coastal setting
  4. Save the game, exit the scenario editor
  5. Open the game in the scenario editor again and check the AI Map Type. It should have changed back to Coastal from what you set it.

Thanks for your patience! We just released an update that may resolve this. Check it out and let us know if there are still any issues. The full list of updates can be found here:

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 34699

Just checked and this bug still exists in the latest update. AI Map Type still isn’t saving and keeps getting reset to Coastal.

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I have the same problem on 3 different custom scenario maps. My game is up-to-date.

Has there been any progress on this issue? I fired up the game again with the latest update and AI Map Type still reverts back to Coastal in Scenario Editor. This makes my islands map pretty much worthless since the AI refuses to build a navy when set to Coastal.

Are there any plans to fix this issue? It is still occurring for me.

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delay >.<, its true, this issue seems to be still happening. Now we are tracking it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! I’m making a custom scenario that’s like a ladder game but with unique mechanics. My map is most similar to Northern Isles which implies the AI should build a navy, but the Coastal AI map type doesn’t build more than a few fishing ships regardless of which civ I choose for the AI to play as.

My mod is a 1v1 game, and I’d like for players to be able to play it either human vs human or human vs AI, so this bug has significant potential to impact the gameplay for human vs. AI.

There’s an island volcano in the center of my map that plays an important role in my mod’s mechanics, so I’d very strongly prefer to have this bug fixed rather than redesign my map.

@IkoKnight8151 Is there any chance this will be fixed before AoE4 launches? I’d really like to release my mod before then if at all possible.