Ai never

I often play against Ai, and that’s what I’ve noticed. Most time I play against extreme AI on arena in 1vs1 or 3vs3 battles.

The ai never

Bulgarian ai never builds Krepost and train Konniks in random map. In the deathmatch however it builds Krepost and makes Konniks.
It’s sad cause when you play against Bulgarians or have a Bulgarian ally it so boring. They usually make only infantry and siege and totally ignore such a great uu!

I can’t remember if ai ever make some Condottieries as Italians or their ally.

Lithuanians ai also never make Leitis in rm and make them only in deatchmatch.

Tatar ai never take their bonus sheeps in new town centers. It so annoying when you find this sheep in post imp battles

Also civs like Turks and Portuguese always make fast imp on arena after last year patch. But their fast imp is so weak. When you got Turk or Portuguese in team game with ai it makes game so unbalanced. Wish we can turn off this option go always for fast imp!

Please share what you notice in ai behaviour)

I can understand why it wouldn’t make Condottieri. They have a very narrow time window, and ideally the other player needs to be using gunpowder for them to be most effective.

good point) I just try to mention units that ai ignore

Yes, I feel like pretty much any UU play is actually quite rare. As is any decent response to tower or castle drops. Same with most opening strategies except drushing, archers and skirms, or the occaisional scout rush. It also goes way overboard with skirms a lot of the time, even if you don’t make any archers.