AI not Advancing to age V; Revolting instead

Anyone noticing that the AI almost every time revolts instead of advancing to age V? I like that the AI does revolt now, but its almost a a guaranteed win after holding out on the initial wave of militia. That’s not a bad thing, but every game it seems this occurs, much to my annoyance. Was this intended or a bug?


To be frank, there appears to be a lot of AI bugs now (there was even a time when the AI would revolt after revolt…), it’s good that they can do that but it happens way too often and they often become even more braindead after doing so, such as Settlers gathering around their TC alongside a mass of livestock.

It’s pretty messy. A lot of these bugs just seemed to have carried over with little fixes in between the betas and release, which is a shame.

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Playing Skirmish…I notice the A.I. opponent workers are just standing at the home city, not working, not advancing civilization. I had to kill off workers. New workers were working. I was on Civ 5, and they were still on 2.

Side note…my Civ level 5 army had to fight pretty hard against A.I. level 2 army. Something’s wrong there.

what difficulty are you playing on?

I’m playing on Hard difficulty.

Agreed, I was expecting the AI to be much better than this. Skirmish is unplayable with the AI right now.

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AI needs to be fixed at extreme difficulty they either rush right away or become braindead and never attack and revolution at age 4

I play all my skirmish games on AoE 2007. AoE DE skirmish is too buggy and unplayable currently. I’m anxiously awaiting release of a patch that addresses all current issues.