AI overgathers too much wood when finally switching to mills and estates. Neglects other resources at this time

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  • **GAME BUILD #:**13.2685
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Hi devs,

Here is a picture to explain the issue. Look at the AI’s resource panel.

Having run out of natural resources, the AI is gathering wood to build mills and estates. In this game, it has already gathered 3500 wood and should have built those years ago. But it cannot stop gathering wood. Once it has enough wood for all estates and mills it will ever need, it then builds them. No food gathering during all this time, eventually cost AI the game.

Here’s the game recording:
Record Game 2022-04-04 14-32-54.age3Yrec (16.6 MB)

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  • 75% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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The AI should spend its wood on mills/estates and not gather so much wood that just sits in the stockpile.


I thought this was fixed in the last patch, or supposed to have been.

AI adjustments/fixes are very hit or miss, with more strikeouts than hits lately. :frowning:

There can be many triggers for overgathering.

This may have slipped through the cracks idk.

A related observation (pls pls don’t get mad at me for reporting these!):

AI will lay the foundation for its first mill/estate/paddy but won’t build it for a long time! Meanwhile it will continue to chop enormous amounts of wood with mostly all vils it has.

Happens in all games I recorded so far! See recording in the main post.

This is the biggest problem with the AI at the moment. So I’m bumping this thread. Hope this issue gets fixed soon, and then we’ll have a really good AI.

In this game, the AI has 12000 wood at some point, gathering nothing else. All AI are doing this. At this point there’s no army - they will lose to any attack. Halp!

Hi @DiplexBoss6, thanks for your reports! We appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken to report these to us. It would really help if you could also provide some saved games of this behaviour. Thanks!

We found the issue and are now tracking it internally. Thanks so much for reporting this to us. :+1:

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Hi @gmenyhart

You’re welcome! I have many savegames. But here’s my latest game. The wood problem really hurts the eco balance of the AI, and they end up having no armies. I also made another post where the AI pretty much ignored gathering food and never built any farms, just estates.

This game is from the public branch:
Record Game 2022-05-21 15-46-01.age3Yrec (28.3 MB)

A game where no farms were used despite no food in the bank (this one from PUP):
Record Game 2022-05-19 22-59-11.age3Yrec (23.0 MB)