Ai pathfinding mechanics of attacks

OK we have all seen multiple posts of people saying that pathfinding in AI sucks. So since I couldn’t search or find any posts regarding these issues I decided to make one where we can compile the issues in one post. But let’s keep this specifically AI and pathfinding as they are pretty closely related. I apologize in advance for grammatical and typo errors as I will be doing most of this through talk to text on a mobile device.

Issue 1 pathfinding
So many times in skirmish and solo missions if you select a group of units that are not show that a shoulder with each other and in formation then click to move a long distance or attack move a long distance by the time they all get to the destination they are scattered worse than they were started and a third of them are stuck at a bridge at a tree and any other landmarks along the way. Most of the time they’re not even trying to catch up.
During attacks units try to attack the closest thing building or unit. But it’s not consistent I haven’t been able to exactly pin it down but if you attack move because you want to attack the enemy they’ll attack the closest building and then if you hit attack move again when the enemies in range they’ll attack the enemy units. But if they’re just standing there in the enemy attacks them it’s a 50-50 if they’re gonna run down the enemy or just keep attacking whatever they’re attacking it’s very inconsistent and I know that this isn’t very clear on this point but I haven’t been able to figure out exactly why it acts weird when trying to differentiate between units buildings hostile and non-threatening targets. It can’t seem to prioritize anything correctly.

Which brings me to second AI issue
Ranged units crossbowmen archers gunpowder units if you hit attack move they all shoot the same person so you can have 50 crossbowmen all shooting one person at a time. Either you have to select portions of your group and split them up to shoot different targets or you have to sit there watching all of your ranged units shoot the same guy one after another I agree they can’t all shoot one for one one unit to one unit but I haven’t seen in any other game ranged units all shooting just one guy at a time. This seems to carryover into Melee units in that when you hit right click for Melee units to attack one guy 20-30 of your units will all sit there swarming around one guy and they can’t attack anyone else until that one guy is dead in other RTS games if they can’t access the unit that is targeted they attack aJasont units. Which is beneficial because they will continue to attack the archers that you targeted or the type of units that are grouped right there right now after they kill that one guy they can get distracted and go off and start killing whoever’s closer to them and not focus on the archers like when you’re trying to send your horsemen in to kill all the archers they kill the guy you selected and stop and gold off to whoever is closer to them they don’t stay focused on the party that you sent them after.

Issue 3
hold position OK so this may be for a separate topic but there the hold position for ranged units especially of the RUS units that get buffed when not moving sucks. WTH they are the absolute worst about standing still and shooting. Archers without stand still will stay in there and shoot stand and shoot and just stand there to the death shooting. But the hand cannon guys shoot move an inch shoot move an inch…. If this was dungeon keeper I’d slap the living hell out of them!!! Ai is purposely screwing the players units out of battle tactics!
Which brings me to the conclusion that when you’re watching the AI use their units everything is fluid and smooth yes they can select units in a whole different way but they’re targeting is different there guys stay still and keep shooting their micro is better of course because it’s an AI but why can’t our units act in the same way when you hit attack move attack move the unit should act the same and have some form of benefit to the attack move option. I’m sure plenty of people will have complaints about my view on this but I will be patient as long as it takes for these things to slowly get worked out but please start working these things because this makes gameplay frustrating to the point that I would spend more time on other games than I would here for my sanity ….

Worlds edge said they look to sc2 for some of its inspiration… they need to take another look at how units engage other units… knowing when to obey an order and when not too, makes all the difference. Using attack move- 3tile spaces, should never cause ur units to follow the enemy to circle the entire map!! And attack move should always prioritize units over buildings!! Im sick :face_with_head_bandage: and tired :sleepy: of fighting my own units to get them through the enemy town to fight the units and they just want to shoot at houses all day!! Wth :man_facepalming:. You cant say then click on the units to shoot… cause they will all fire on that one unit, 50units shooting 1 stupid- and then the ranged units go back to shooting houses… the melee will at least try to go after nearby units… u guys didnt put much effort into this. Though u may disagree, reality is prob the case because all the aoe series ai got worked and most people say it sucks.

Yeah its broken and bugged” cause units cant perform the tasks required - ie getting stuck trying to follow each other across the map, or attack move they all shoot the same unit… No NO bad bad archer (dungeon keeper) slap :wave: u

Thank you @Daiginn—you have been heard. I will take your feedback to the team.

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Alot of topics have ai issues listed, many have been documented and sent in now. They might be starting to work on it. @RadiatingBlade might decide whether these all get merged…