AI problem with custom maps

Hey all,

So, I have been making some custom maps to play lan games on, a defensible base area with preset towers for each player at the river crossings.

Anyways, lately it seems that on any custom map the AI just stops doing stuff. They do a little attacking in the beginning but then after everyone makes it to Iron age they just stop. They stop making military and their villagers just stand around. Sometimes there are a few military units that just go around in circles, or back and forth in the same spot.

Tonight, I made a 8 player map using rivers and it started out good, the AI was sending small groups of military to attack, me and the other players, but then they just stopped and I sent maybe 20 guys to their town and took them out. Orange had 127 villagers and only 10 were doing anything. This was on hardest level too.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

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Could be the setup of the resources.

If you study the setup on any random map, you’ll notice trees are always close, or at least a bunch of them near the town center. I also created a bunch of custom maps with AI. Sometimes the AI worked, sometimes it didn’t but this pertained to the AoE2HD edition. But the same basics apply.

So what I do is exactly the same ‘starting’ setup as in random maps. All resources, wood, berries, hunting, gold and stone shouldn’t be too far from the town center, and should be like that for every team.

I usually put a handfull of trees near the town center and let it ‘guide’ the AI to the actual more foresty areas.

See what I think happens is, the AI runs out of resources. It has a specific building tree and if it runs out of resources it blocks and it won’t progress any further.

Or perhaps it could at least give you some ideas.

On the scenario called TINY the AI does not build up. It looks for resources which the map doesn’t have before it builds up. This is true for all maps that lack resources. The AI struggles placing a granary and storage pit.