Ai problem

AI is invincible playing 8 plyr - 3 x teams if 2 at Hard. 2 x reams of 1 at Hardest. E.g Seige weapons, Elephants, Knights, Monks!..they’re all invincible against for example 8 cannons. They just take a pounding, nothing happens and i get beaten. Is this Microsoft’s idea of making the AI difficult? Good job!

I am playing as Russian. I notice it is just cannons which inflicts no damage on any ground troop. Springalds and mangonels do as they’re expected.

There’s an ongoing issue with cannons randomly not dealing damage when firing. It’s most often targeted buildings though. I don’t know any other situations where it’s been noticed vs units. Why are you bombarding units anyway?

Mostly i use cannons on buildings and Seige weapons. The buildings still take take damage, but the Seige weapons (and loads of ground units that I mentioned) don’t, and just kick my ass! Nevermind. Maybe it’s the game issue, or Russians. We’ll see. Cheers