AI scripting - PER remove Initial gather

Hi all have an PER question.
The goal
To have the ai reliably at the start of the game to before anything else build a barracks. So no gathering food, wood or doing anything else.

This is what i have so far, atm there is delay of about 3 mins before the ai builds the barracks, sometimes, though rear, the ai does build the barracks at the start.
The AI file has a barrack in the list.

180 0 //SNAutoBuildHouses No
205 0 //SNAutoBuildDropsites No
167 0 //SNInitialExplorationRequired
0 0 //SNPercentCivilianExplorers
161 0 //SNRequiredFirstBuilding No Restriction
170 0 //SNMinimumFood
171 0 //SNMinimumWood
190 0 //SNMaximumFood
191 0 //SNMaximumWood
177 12 //SNUnskippableItemType Barracks
148 0 //SNRetaskGatherAmount
138 0 //SNInitialFood
141 0 //SNInitialWood
149 0 //SNMaxRetaskGatherAmount

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Did you already adjust the AI’s build order in the .AI files as well? This should control what the AI wants to do before building the barracks.

First building is the Town center, next Barracks.