AI seems to be able to engage in melee from range

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So I have seen this behavior a few times, its very random so I never managed to capture or replicate it but somehow units controlled by the AI seems to switch to melee stance as a group of cav comes close but then begins swinging and snaring effectively from range. I cannot figure out how this works and I canโ€™t seem to replicate this in offline more.

I have my suspicions its something to do with multiplayer but I cannot say definitely what happens.


This happened to me only in skirmish mode avainst ai. I reported a few weeks ago, and in the preview patch it seems it has been fixed.


This bug is still occurring in the current patch, their range has actually gotten wider.

Necroing this to raise this up again


Yes, can confirm this is still happening


Hello @TeenagedApple0, I appreciate your report!
We are tracking the issue. :+1:

This bug is still present in the current PUP, as the ai seems to use its musketeers (and maybe other units) to attack on melee with range.

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